On Music and Monitors

I am not really a music person. I am not aware about the newly released titles nor the current hype; but, lately I enjoy putting my phone's volume on max while listening to great sounds. We have speakers at home that I could connect to my phone for better listening experience but I am also thinking of getting new and well designed monitors. I am absolutely sure that my brother would love it since he's the one who really loves music.

I googled things to look for when buying studio monitors for future reference and decided to post them here in case you're interested too! Here they are:
  • Clear Sound - This is what we are all after.
  • Easy to Use - Who wants complicated things anyway?
  • Compact and Durable
  • Doesn't take too much space
  • Reasonable price
I guess these things are basic but I listed them anyway. lols. Sometimes it's the basic things that we forget, isn't it? :p If you have 'brands' to recommend, feel free to post them down below.

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  1. I don't have brand to recommend. I just buy the mumurahin ones.