Random Conversation Over Lunch

It is during meals (be it breakfast, lunch or dinner) that our family gets the chance to talk and tell stories with each other. Sometimes we just talk about non-sense things, current events and other random stuff. But today, just few hours ago, we talked about beautifying the ceiling in our kitchen area.

Me: Can we put an insulator (the aluminum thingy) first before the plywood so that heat won't penetrate much?
Mom: Yes why not. Maybe we can use eggcrate foam for that, just like what's in the City Hall.
Me: Isn't that for soundproofing??? I've seen samples of soundproof foam from here (pointing at the pictures) and that's how they look like. The site says they're use for absorbing sounds.
Mom: Really? I thought it's for containing the low temperature inside halls.

Before, I thought of the same thing---that eggcrate foams are there for the temperature and not the sound. But after a little research, I learned that it's not. haha. Perhaps it could serve both? Whatever. My mom learned something from me today. :p

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