♥Bucket List♥

This bucket list was posted on August 1, 2013. This is an unfinished list and I will update it from time to time whenever something new pops up. Do take note that I already did some of the things posted here but I wanted to start from scratch. I'll start crossing out things from this list on this day onward. (If you want to help me do so, don't hesitate!) *wink*
1. Outing with family.23. Airplane.
2. Read at least 100 books.24. Own a car.
3. Breed dogs.25. Wear a wig.
4. Learn to drive a car.26. Go on a picnic.
5. Swim in an ocean.27. Singapore.
6. Help a kid/stranger.28. Reach the age of 50.
7. Make (and maintain) a book blog.29. Scream out loud!
8. Climb a mountain.30. New house.
9. Snorkel.31. Raise funds for charity.
10. Go fishing.32. See a beating human heart.
11. Grow a tree and name it "Yuki."33. Family portrait.
12.Strawberry picking.34. Eat an exotic food.
13. Adopt a dog.35. Gain weight of atleast 5kgs more.
14. Earn from Google Adsense on August 23, 2014.36. Roller coaster.
15. Home-based job.37. Save a life.
16. Zipline.38. Convince someone to read "Heaven is for Real."
17. Write a book.39. Send a message in a bottle.
18. Color my hair.40. Life-size bear.
19. Grapes picking.41. Complete a 30-day-challenge.
20. Witness a meteor shower.42. Finish a 365-day-project.
21. Jog early in the morning.43. Explore a cave.
22. Visit a butterfly garden.44. Touch a dolphin.
"Do what you can, while you still can." :)