Last Day of the Year!

...tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Few more hours and the year's over...
I can't help but to look back and reminisce the good (and bad) things that happened in my life this year.

What do I remember? Let's see...

...January, our class (GJCians batch '05, section 1) had a mini reunion at Jenny's mansion. It was a day to remember because some of us haven't seen/heard from each other for almost 4 long years. Though not everyone was able to attend, we enjoyed sharing stories and laughs with each other.

GJCians batch '05 (4-1)
...February, I celebrated my 21st birthday with my mom. We watched a movie @ Waltermart Gapan City.

I already forgot what we watched! LOL. Anyway, this is one of the few happy moments I'll never forget!

...March, I can't remember any significant event that happened on that month. (To be honest, I'm not-so-good at remembering things!)

...April, the month I left the hospital. (Gapan District Hospital) New found friends and colleagues, lessons learned and enhanced skills---these are only few of the things I'll forever treasure in my 6months of stay at GDH.

i  miss you all :) till we see each other again...

...on the same month, my ever-loyal-friends and I enjoyed the summer @ 8waves water park and resort. Who could forget those moments that we shared? Nobody, nobody but nobody! hehe...

...May, fiesta time! It's kinda a tradition in our barangay where people prepare foods and invite friends and relatives to come over and celebrate with them. That month, I invited my friends along, including two new friends I know by face way back in high school. :)

...that month too, I attended PNRC's (Philippine National Red Cross) Basic Life Support and Standard First Aid training; a one week long training which includes lectures and demonstrations on how to save another person's life.

performing CPR to an adult victim

...June, July, August, September, October, November. The hardest part of the year. I tried to find a job and failed, many times. That's so depressing! But then, giving up wasn't an option.

...Mid of November, I was able to find a job. (if you really can call it a job) I was hired as a globe agent. YEsSss! I walked long kilometers, from one house to another, searched and talked to people, encouraged them to avail of our product. Geez. That was so hard! No allowance, no assurance of getting an income and most of all, it really sucks your energy away! lol. But the good point is, I found new friends and learned a lot.

GLOBE agents :)
...December, I received a text message from one of the hospitals where I applied as a nurse. I was so happy! I really missed working in the hospital and be called a nurse.

On Christmas day, we visited my grandmother in Talavera, Nueva Ecija. I'm glad she's getting better after being hospitalized for more than a week. It's great to see my cousins and other relatives again.

That's all for now.


...TIME CHECK: it's 10:44pm already. New Year's approaching! Enough of these reminiscing. What's really important is the year ahead of us. I'm HOPING for a good 2011! (with love life po sana Lord. haha)

I'll go now and celebrate with my relatives outside! yow!


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