I just browsed my friendster blog and realized something.
A lot has changed.

EMO pala ko noon?! LOL


Read this post : (or  skip read if you want. hehe)


~ by littleangelonearth on May 11, 2009. 

another day has passed
and the feeling’s still the same
i feel empty
the same emptiness i felt
long before you came into my life
i don’t know why i feel this way
maybe because,
my heart’s in despair
the scenario’s just the same;
-someone comes
-offers a hand
-shares moments of happiness
-lights up my heart
-gets to know me
-discovers the soul beneath this face
-gets disappointed
-then leaves…
i thought you were different
i thought you’re not like them
i know there’s nothing special about me
i’m not a head turner
i’m just someone who blends with the crowd
someone who lives in her monotonous world
plain. dull. hollow.
someone boring
and afraid of getting out from her shell (who’s not?)
i admit, i felt your love
F-E-L-T. yes…
coz’ everything seems to be fading now
and i’m starting to think
that we’re heading nowhere now
this is what you make me feel
where are we going?
each day that passes i’m growing cold
and colder.
is it over?
or i’m just over imagining things?
am i wrong?
this one’s so subjective
so tell me please…
i’m still holding your hand
but i don’t know if you’re holding back
let me feel…
can’t you see?
i’m already hurting
and it consumes me like hell.


I noticed that I was soOo...transparent then. I say what I really wanted to say. Direct to the point. I didn't care then if I'd appear pathetic or whatsoever. I was fearless.


...what happened to me? hmmm... There's a lot I really wanted to say but something's holding me back.

I'm afraid that if I start writing about "IT" (or typing? hehe...), I may never be able to stop. 

HayyYyyy... what am I saying? LOL. Why do I feel this way these past few days? Is it because of my hormones? Oyeah. Let's just blame my hormones :)

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