Can EX Lovers BE Friends?

It depends...No matter what you say, there'll always be that awkward feeling when you are together. Right?

There'll be times when you will unconsciously cross the line. Or worse, you wouldn't know where that stupid line is.

Hmm... Originally, I planned to give this post a title called "THE BITTER EX". hahaha.

Wanna know why? The past few days, I've been receiving text messages from my ex. Scary... hehe. Kidding :)

Okay, they weren't really text MESSAGES but rather, text QUOTES---TAKE NOTE: with sidecomments at the end of each quote. (pretty much the same huh?) Whatever!

Different contents, SAME meanings.

He keeps on insisting that we SHOULD be friends, that he knows where his boundaries are, that he'll do whatever it would take to have me as a friend. 

Hmmp... I accepted him as a friend long time ago... I don't know what else he wants...

Gusto ba nya pag nagtext sya magrereply ako lage? 

Pag nagtetext ako MINSAN, he'd say na himala daw, wrong send daw ba yun? Kainis ah. So, I chose not to text him anymore. Even if he begs for my reply. *evil laugh*

I can sense from his texts that he wants something else... not just plain friendship... Like what he sent me this morning, "when will our roads cross again? Now Playing: somewhere down the road."

"May pagkakamali na mahirap itama, mga pangyayari na di na mababago. Minsan akala natin may babalikan tayo. Pero paano kung yung taong yun ay napagod na sa kakaintindi sa'yo? Maibabalik mo pa kaya yung dating kayo?" ---nakakailag padaw ba ako? tsk tsk tsk.

It's not that I don't like him as a friend (sabe ko nga I accepted him as one dati pa)... Pero sana, alam nya talaga yung boundaries nya. He can't say things only a boyfriend can/should. Kuha?

Ambuset ko ngayon.... hehe...

That's all for today. :P Baka maging suuupeeerrrrrr bad na ako. hihihi.

"Don't mess with me or I'll blog about you!"

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5 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. yes, of course.....

    Sorry,, I can't speak english well,,
    so. I just can write that....

  2. ok lang nmn sa kin maging friends pero kasi ung ex ko ang aywa hahahah

  3. hi Lily! Thanks for visiting my blog.. pero parang siguro gusto pa nga niya maging friends kayo.. pero sabi nung iba impossible daw yun eh.. na maging friends pa ulit kayo nung ex mo..di ko alam mga bagay na ganito eh

  4. definitely yes. most of my ex girlfriends are my close friends now.

  5. its possible.. its up to the two of you if you are open to be friends na lang rather than hating each other. It happened to me to my ex's hahaha.. ex's talaga noh.. hahaha well.. i dont hate and i dont keep anger in my heart,. its easier to live life without those stuff.. so i believe iits possible,