RNheals Monthly Journal (April)

This is the third entry for my monthly journal. That means I've been working for three months (okay, almost three...) but still haven't been compensated! Gosh. I hope that our allowance would come the soonest time possible! hehe >_<

Other entries are here : February, March.

I don't have much to say, so... here it is, my April entry.

 Click to Zoom :)

I noticed that every time the end of the month comes, I get a lot of visitors, mostly viewing my journal. Hmm...It is okei if you will use this as a guide but please, DO NOT COPY! Kei? hehe...

Go RNhealers! We can do this! When payday comes, we'll all be rich. Bluff. LOL :))

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5 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. my fellow nurse you are! (; i tried applying under the rnheals program but unfortunately i wasn't qualified to apply last january because i couldn't provide my license number because the prc baguio messed up big time.. sighh.. you are so luckyy i wanted to get into the rnheals so bad.. hehe.. well congrats! ((:

  2. @karen: Thanks :) I think RNheals would be a continuous program... (sabi nila. hehe) Try applying next year...I am indeed lucky 'coz out of 1,300+ applicants here, only 130+ were hired!;)

  3. hi..i soo agree with the additional 2k allownce thingy..=D im also a trainee of RNHeals.. =D

  4. I can now relate to what your appealing to the Local Government Unit...this monthly allowance could really help each trainee a lot.

    1. hi fellow nurse! Yeah it was a big help, really. Though it took us 6months before they finally gave our allowance. haha.

      Congrats for being part of RNheals and Godbless on your duties. :) TC.