Baby Yuki ♥

[SEGUE: I've been very busy the past few days. Parang pag uwi ko ng bahay gusto ko nalang mahiga at matulog. I can't even open my facebook account para magcheck ng notifs. -_-]

Hmm. Back to the topic. Hehe. Last year, my friend and I decided to buy a pet; a Shih Tzu dog in particular. Since may kilala kaming nagbebenta ng ganung dog, nagpareserve na kami. Unfortunately, the dog had an abortion. [Sad...]

We waited for the next batch of puppies, for 6 months I think. [I know you're thinking, "why didn't we contact other breeders instead para instantly may dog na?" The answer is simple, dogs are pricey! Pero dahil kilala namin [nung asawa ni kuya pala] yung breeder na tinutukoy ko, she gave us a BIGGG discount! I won't tell you how much so don't ask. hehe... :)

Yesterday, after the looOoong wait, we got the puppies! My dear mother told me the morning before I got the dog that I would BE THE ONLY ONE responsible for MY dog, including it's food, shampoo, etc. But when she got home last night and saw this adorable puppy, she said she'll buy him food and shampoo! hehe... Just tonight, she handed me the things my dog needs---a collar, food, toy, shampoo, and a cage! [He urinates and poops a lot since he's still a baby, so we have to confine him in a cage during the night.]

Baby Yuki
I named him Yuki just awhile ago. He's so energetic! He runs around the house like a whirlwind! lols. I've read that this breed needs a lot of attention. He could get depressed if left alone for a long time. Hmm... Everybody in our house leaves during the morning... [That's a major major problem I have now. Grrr.] But some advise to give him a big stuffed animal {to keep him company} without eyes or plastic parts on them because Shih Tzus love to chew, and they could choke.

For more info about this, VISIT THIS SITE I FOUND.

I'm just so happy I finally got a pet! [more like a baby...hehe]

Okayyy, that'd be all for now... Wish me luck in this new member of our family! YUKI.

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4 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. awww yuki is too cute. I hope he'll group up healthy and happy! :)

  2. cuteee! he's in good hands ^^

  3. Cute! I've got a dog name Yumi! Yuki ad Yumi! Bagay! hehe

  4. thanks mayen and whang! (;

    @kuya karlie: thanks! bagay nga...tapos yung magiging anak nila ay papangalanan na KIMI. haha :))