Dead Silence

I've watched this movie months ago entitled DEAD SILENCE. I kinda liked it's story, sound effects, twists and, should I rather say everything about it? LOL. Kidding. If you're curious what this is all about, watch the trailer below.

Beware of the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls
And if you see her, do not scream
Or she'll rip your tongue out at the scene!


Anyway, this post is not a movie review. I just remembered this movie on my way to the church yesterday. I passed on a cemetery and it was so creepy! The silence was deafening and I got scared coz nobody was on sight. It was only me and the tricycle driver! Aaaargh. I took a picture of the driver's ID so if ever something happened to me, they'll know who did it. LOL. XD

Since nothing happened to me, I censored his name and picture. *wink*

I"m so thankful I got home safe and sound! Thank you Lord!

Also, I want to share this picture I took yesterday.

It's Me and Yuki.

Have a great weekend everyone! As for me, hmm.... I have a duty later! Awww. Keep safe!

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