How to Enable Facebook Timeline

I've been seeing posts about this so-called facebook timeline but never really give attention to it. I thought it is this little box in the right upper corner of the page that looks like this:

Sorry I was stupid. hahaha. XD

But then while blogwalking one day, I read a post about this and how to activate it. I followed the few simple steps, <WHICH YOU CAN FIND HERE>, then voila! My facebook page now looks like a diary. LOL.

Isn't it cool? #lels.

Down the memory lane. :))

Another thing is, there are buttons, or whatever they are called, that you can click to go to a certain month.

it's easier this way, right?

They say that this timeline is stalker-friendly. But as of the moment, only YOU can see your new profile until facebook opens it to public, which is rumored to be on Oct, 2, 2011. Anyway, it's cool... :P

Post your comments! XD

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