I'm not the type of person who would rant over non-sense things. But this is serious. 
Someone copied one of my posts without notifying or atleast asking for permission from me. 
I don't know why SHE (yeah, she's a girl, shame on her) did that. Somebody already warned me that she's a copycat but I didn't believe him at first because SHE's a fellow pwapper (a community site) and a future nurse[?]. (OMG, that is if she'll make it.). She even asked me to follow her blog, which I did. I was stupid.

How did I know this? I searched google for one of the keywords I use in my blog to see whether my posts would be seen by users. Then I saw one of my posts (exact replica) posted in another blog. (did I say it right?)

Copycat's Post

Original Post
I commented on her post and posted on her shoutbox. I asked her to remove MY POST from her blog. She told me she'll remove it but up until now (it's been two days or so), it's still there.


I guess she really has no plans of removing/deleting it despite my warning that I'll report her to blogger. Most (or ALL?) of her posts were taken from others' blogs and it's just so annoying because what she's taken from mine is in no way related to her blog's contents!

I think it's no use asking her over and over again; I'd just be wasting time and effort. Anyway, I unfollowed her blog already and searched for ways to protect my posts from being copied by people like her. Argh. I put a DO NOT COPY button on the left corner of my page to warn users that contents of my blog are copyrighted. (I'm just quite unsure if that'd work) I also added a little script to disable right click on the context menu. Is that alright?

Hmz. That's all I could do for now. I haven't reported this to blogger yet... SHOULD I?

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14 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. There are lots of bloggers who commit plagiarism.. nakakainis. Yung blog ko, naka right and left click disabled, kaso dami pa silang pwedeng gawin. Daming mangongopya.. cheaters! :(

  2. you're right ate Leah, kakainis talaga. :(

    meron naman sila sariling buhay para ikwento sa blog nila baket kelangan pa nila mangopya. hmpz :(

  3. It's a trackback kung nakalink sa original post. Otherwise, plagiarism nga yan. A lot of spammy websites do trackbacks kasi tamad magpost ng sariling article. So they link to someone else's with pagerank. It boosts their site and your blog's popularity.

  4. @itin: wala nga link sa orig post other than the watermark I put on the pic e :(

  5. Wow that's so low for the copy cat! Grabe. :( Masama pa if they don't link you back. It's the internet eh, it always happens and it's unfair.

    Cat ♥

  6. @cat: i totally agree :(

    anyway, thanks for being here... :)

  7. Omg, that's horrible. You did the right thing protecting your post. I should do the same. Well look on the bright side, your being copied because you are good. I know, it's really annoying so its better not put so much energy into hating her or asking to remove the post. obviously, she has no intention to.

  8. @mayen: yeah you should do the same...cheaters are everywhere!

    I no longer ask her to remove the post; it's useless. Saka I already moved on na...hehe. :))

  9. me ganon? kahiya naman. or baka naman ni-link nya sa post nya ung post mo kaya ganon.

  10. wow may mga ganyan pa rin? that is simply stealing a bit of your brain! tsktsk

  11. You can use the nofollow HTML code para sa nangopya para yung reputation nia ay bumaba at di tumaas ang page rank nia.

  12. @ka-swak: wala pong link :(

    @reigun: uu may ganyan padin... :(

    @GbSb: thanks for the advice...wala kasi ko masyado alam sa mga codes codes e :(

  13. Nangyari din sa akin yan several times na... first I tried contacting them, kaso mukhang manhid na sila sa ganung gawain. So what i did is to file a complaint sa Google para madala ang mga nangongopya lang ng posts.

    1. Did google do something about your complaint? :)