Dear Diary

I'm not supposed to be writing/typing? whatever today. I should still be sleeping peacefully and dreaming about whatever my subconscious mind has to offer because I wasn't able to have a good sleep last night. So, since I'm already here, I'll just type in the things that'd randomly come up from my coconut shell and sleep later.


Yesterday, I was thinking about having a "Dear Diary" series this month of December. The idea came up when I remembered my diary when I was 14. Yeah, I kept a diary and all it contains were random girly-childish-stupid-ideas. I still have it and I read it sometimes. There are entries that were out of imagination, there are some that are heartbreaking but mostly, plain non-sense that happened that day. I don't know what drove me to keep a diary. Maybe, I just wanted to have someone to talk to back then; the same reason why I have this blog now.


I hate it when people ask how am I, yet they really don't care. I always say, "I'm fine, thanks." And it would sound like a lie even to myself.


I'm watching Vampire Diaries, Season 1 for the third time. I'm inlove with Damon! haha. I don't know why I always get teary eyed whenever I watch this. Maybe because, I can really relate to most of the scenes and words they say. Here's the line I love the most:

"When love is real, you can't walk away." True enough, right? No matter what your reasons [or excuses] are, you wouldn't and would never ever dare leaving the one you love. How can a person say that leaving is for the other person's own good? How??? Like what Elena [one of the main characters] said, "YOU DON'T GET TO MAKE THAT DECISION FOR ME. IF YOU WALK AWAY, IT'S FOR YOU. BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT I WANT."


Grey's Anatomy is my another addiction. I can't wait for Season 8, Episode 10! They say it would air on early January. Antagal naman!


Been reading statuses on facebook a while ago. Why do people post rubbish phrases there? Like, "di na ko makakapaghintay," "eating blah blah blah," "doing this, doing that," and so on. I admit, I do it too sometimes. But every 15mins or so? Nah. It's annoying, really.

People who often change their relationship status annoys me too. Today they're in a relationship then tomorrow they'll be single, then the next day they're in a relationship again then engaged. What the?! Are they merely seeking attention?


I bought a book the other day. Its title is CUT by Patricia McCormick. I still have three books I haven't finished reading yet. And oh, I heard that Bob Ong's 9th book will be released on Dec. 11, title: Nakikilala Mo Ba Ako Mambabasa? Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin. They say it's a sequel to his 8th book. Yeah it should be! Because the 8th book left the readers hanging. There's a lot of explaining he has to do! hehe :)


Okay, that's all for now. I have to figure out what I'd do today. Perhaps I'll just sleep, read a book, or watch a movie! Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm off duty for the whole month of December.  Yeah, that's what happens when you're the sickly gurl. I'm feeling fine today though. Ciao.

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