Open Letter

I don't remember how or when it all started. What I just know is, we were still young and innocent when it happened.

Everyday, I long to see you. I could spend the whole day just talking, laughing, playing or even doing nothing with you.

Remember when we were sitting one afternoon on top of a guava tree? We were 7 or 8 years old then. We talked about how much we love our family and how we can't handle the pain if someone dies. Few months later, your dad passed away. I know how much you love him. Even up to now that we're talking about him, you cry. It pains me whenever I see your tears. I always try my best to keep my own tears from falling because if I do cry, well, we might drown in a sea of salty liquid. :)

We used to talk about our dreams; what we wanna be when we grow up and the likes. If I'm not mistaken, you wanted to be a teacher. [and i wanna be a doctor!] lols. Look at you now, you are not a teacher! YET. hehe... And I'm not a doctor. How's that?  Fair enough. :p I guess, that's just how life is. Nobody ever grows up quite like they planned to.

I remember the days when you fought for me. You probably don't remember when you punched a guy who bullied me, right? I felt a little guilty for that because you were hurt and he ended up being your enemy. Sorry.

We're a team. We are strong when we are together. The only problem with that is, other kids don't wanna play with us if we're on the same team. haha. Perhaps they already know they're doomed to lose if we're together.

The first time we had a big fight deeply hurt me. I know you were hurt too. We didn't talk for weeks and we ignored each other. As if the other doesn't exist. Do you remember the cause of our fight? You were jealous. Admit it! [hehe] You don't want me playing with other kids. Correct me if I'm wrong. :p

Then we grew up. We met a new set of friends and see a world outside of what we've created. We don't often  see each other anymore. But when we do, nothing's changed. We're still the same little kids who met a long time ago. You never run out of stories. But this time, topic's different. We no longer talk about dreams, rather, we talk about our problems. You tell me everything that's wrong in your life and I tell you mine. And you always cry. You're such a cry-baby. :p

I know, you're in the middle of the sea right now. Struggling hard to swim to the shore. All the problems keep on sucking you down. You often tell me that you're thinking of giving up. Please don't. I'm here, you see? I may not be able to swim you to the shore but I'll wait for you there. God doesn't let people drown. Just have faith in Him and you'll see.

You are my person, and I'm yours. We've been through a lot and I don't want to change any of that. We are where we are now because of the things that happened and are happening today.

Just remember, I'm here to stay, forever...

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10 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. Very nice post..lovely.
    Hey gave u a blog award check it out..

  2. What can I say? A lovely open letter coming from a heart of a good friend. Keep reaching out, life is tough. You'll be needing the advise of one another!

  3. Well written from deep within the heart. Great and inspiring post.

  4. I have an open letter I've yet to post for someone dear to me that's drifting away.

    This is beautiful. Hope the person gets to read it. :)

  5. touching post :) you're lucky to have each other!

  6. I also have an open letter for my kids and I do hope they'll be able to read it in the near future.

    I am also hoping the same thing for whom this letter is addressed to.

  7. wow!! this is just too true and sweet! xx

  8. This post reminded me of my ambitions when I was just a child.

  9. touching post. :)
    this made me smile