RNheals Monthly Journal; November

Hello! I forgot [been lazy rather] to post my journal for the month of November because I just made a handwritten copy of it. I wasn't really sure then if I would pass one because I only worked for 5days that month. I decided to write one few hours before my colleague goes to our DOH Representative to submit our journals. I finished mine in about 20minutes---so, what I'm just trying to say is that, my journal for that month is a product of cramming. lols.

I can't remember exactly what I have written there, but I'll try to come up with one that is close to what is there. Orayt?! :)) Here it goes...



Hospital duty is quite routine. We receive patients through bed-to-bed endorsement by the outgoing nurses, assess their condition, provide health teaching, facilitate laboratory exams if there are any, secure lab results and relay them to Resident on Duty or Attending Physician, give oral and IV medications, carry out doctor's orders, do charting and other paper works then endorse the patients at the end of the shift.

We also attend to our patient's needs and complaints and make sure that they are well informed about their condition so as to facilitate cooperation. [wala atang ganito sa journal ko. nyehehe]


I consider this month as an eye opener [not only to me, but to other nurses too]. I got sick and was not able to work for quite a long time. I pushed myself to the limit; worked even if I wasn't feeling well. We nurses tend to forget of ourselves while taking care of others. We make sure our patients are eating while we skip our own meals due to a lot of tasks to be done. We measure their urine output then realize that we haven't peed yet for 8hours. We lack adequate sleep yet we don't mind. Aren't we pathetic? We look out for others' health  even if it means sacrificing our own.

Nurses shouldn't be like this. However, we don't have a choice, do we? Specially if the hospital where you work is understaffed. But, what if the nurses got sick? Who will take care of these patients?


I wonder if I'll be excused for being absent for a long time. I'm also worried if I'll still get a certificate from DOH after this. They say we have to complete a certain amount of time before they issue a certificate of competency.


I hope that consideration be given to any nurse under the RN heals program who got sick. They never wanted to get sick in the first place. :)


This is 70% close to the original. I seem to be forgetting a lot of things these days. Early dementia? Wah! :'c

I won't be posting a journal for December, so don't expect okay? hehe... I'm onleave you know! :))

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