Greatness Starts at Home

I've always wanted to join a contest that actually brings my heart into it. A contest that really encourages me to join not because of the prizes but the topic it offers. It's good that I saw Globe's Latest Blogging Contest "Greatness Starts @ Home." I instantly became interested and started my draft right away!

Tattoo@Home believes that nurturing a child’s potential can lead to achieving greater things. And what better place to start the road to greatness than at home?!
Growing up, my family has always been the wind beneath my wings. They are the reason for every steps I take and our home is the solid ground I have. I am where I am today because they never left my side especially on times I felt like giving up.

When I was a little girl, my parents taught me the best foundation for having a good and secure future---education. They helped me nurture my God-given knowledge which became evident when I started going to school at age five. I remember when I was chosen to lead the prayer during our graduation at kindergarten. I didn't know how to read yet that time, so my mom read the prayer and let me repeat the sentences over and over again until I memorized the whole paragraph. 

At that age, I wasn't aware yet where that was for but my mom believed I can do it...MY MOM BELIEVED, so I did too. I finished kindergarten with flying colors. I was top 1 among the kids my age. This allowed me to enter elementary school at age 6.

Elementary days has quite been easy. I met new friends and still believed what my parents taught me---to prioritize my study and work hard. They were there whenever time allows if I achieve something. I felt how  proud they were of me. They gave me encouragement and led me to the right direction. Truly, greatness starts at home. My parents are the role models I idolize. They are patient, hardworking and goal-oriented.

In highschool, my dad has been my math tutor. I was so depressed when I got 86 in Algebra so I asked him to teach me how to solve those equations and how to understand the math language. He's been there for me 'till my fourth year; from algebra to trigonometry to physics. I was determined then to graduate with honors and my parents were there throughout my battles. I got 4th honorable mention and they were so happy.

College has quite been different. I had to live in a dormitory for four years. It was good that communication was made a lot easier during that time, thus being away did not change my attitude towards my study. I still worked hard to get high grades. My family has been my inspiration. Though I was far away from home and I seldom see my parents, I managed to graduate as cum laude. It just proved that no matter where you are, what has been implanted in your heart will always be there. Your home, is always where your heart will be.

If I'd be asked what my greatest achievement is, that would be when I passed the board examination for nurses. The things I had while growing up were just preparations for a brighter tomorrow. I couldn't ask for anything more but to repay my parents' hardwork and belief in me. I promise to myself that I will always do my best in every thing I do for my family and most of all, for God. :)

This is an official entry to Globe's Blogging Contest.

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  1. What a great family you have lily.. keep up to good work! by the way, I enjoy reading your posts.I am Danecca, an OFW nurse here in Abu dhabi. Last month, I have decided to create a website to develop my writing skill,, I want to exchange link with you and put your blog in my blogroll =)

  2. Hi Danecca! Thanks for dropping by here and I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. ;)

    I'll visit your site and will let you know when I already linked yah!


  3. Nice One my friend :)

  4. thanks sis, i updated the post at na. glad you like my daughter hehe. :) good luck sis!

  5. @athena: yeah i love kids...! They are God's gifts. :))

    Goodluck to you too! :)