Happy Never After

This was written sometime in August 2008. I posted this on my friendster blog with the title "UNTITLED" but we all know it no longer exists. So, I'm re-posting this article, orayt? :)


So here I am again
writing nonsense things
Words that come from nowhere 
shout my suppressed feelings
I don't know where to begin 
nor where this poem is heading
I just want to spill out
what my heart screams.

I can't perfectly understand why
I feel so empty and blue
My world seems so plain
and my days are in routine.

My life is broken like a glass
And on my own I tried
to put the pieces back
Many times I bleed
and got wounded
Before I realized I cannot do it
without a little help.

I asked the heaven
to shower some light
I waited under the dark sky
for some falling stars
I screamed and cried
'till I got exhausted
Why didn't even a single soul
dare to recognize my feelings?

Right now I'm running on circles
I'm wounded, yes,
with my knees kissing the earth
I got nowhere else to go
for I have been imprisoned
a long time ago...

Time will come I know
that I'll regain myself
Clouds that cover my painful eyes
will soon fade
Then maybe someday, somehow,
someone will pull me through
Away from these delusions
far from these emotions.


It's been years...but it feels like I wrote it just yesterday. 
Comment if you get what I mean.

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4 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. Hello! Ganda neto sis. :) Medyo naka-relate ako sa post na ito. Happy Weekend!

  2. @emotera: thanks sis! umeemote lang. haha! Happy Weekend too! :))

  3. Awww.. ang sad ng poem. May pinagdadaanan? Hmm.. Pero good naman, may positive outlook sa last stanza. Time will come, your sun will shine again.

  4. @ate Leah: thanks po :) I just feel sad sometimes... [seasonal lang] hehe...