Wish Upon a Star

I wanna laugh. hahaha. It's about the title of this post. hahahahahahahahaha. Okay, that's too much. I'm fine now. :)

Tomorrow's my birthday. I should be happy, right? I should scream with excitement! *yey! I'm turning 23!* I should be all joyous, positive, and, and, and...I'm not really good at this. #lols. Oh, I should create a wishlist, right?

Look at me, I'm 23! :p
Lily's Birthday Wishes:

  1. I want...someone who'll hug me and say, "It's okay, you're still pretty." #lols. I can't believe I'm turning 23 tomorrow. But yeah, I'm turning 23. haha. :)
  2. I want a new puppy! So pls, Santa? Yuki needs a playmate.
  3. I want to spend the day with someone special but I know for sure it's NOT gonna happen! WHY? I don't have one. #lols. So if God allows, I hope to find him tomorrow. #lols again.
I won't ask for any material thing. Wishes seldom come true...haha. Anyway, all I really want for tomorrow is to be happy... Lord, if you're reading blogs, please take note of this. Pleaaaaase??? Amen.

I have this weird feeling that it's gonna be an ordinary day, but I don't care. Really. I won't/don't expect for any surprises. I hate surprises. They make me feel......surprised. #lol. I'm being non-sense, ey?

I didn't make any birthday plans. My friends would be too busy tomorrow 'coz it's a working day. But I'll cook something for myself and for Yuki. *Nobody's Home playing on the background*

My friends are planning a get away on Saturday but it seems like it's not gonna materialize. Again. Most of them are too busy with work. I guess, I shouldn't expect and just prepare myself for a text message that I might receive which might say 'di na tayo tuloy.' haha... Yeah, it happens MOST of the time.

By the way, greet me fellow bloggers! *required* haha.. I'd appreciate it a lot! :))

Seeyah around!

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