Prevent Back Pain; Use an Ergonomic Office Chair!

One of the most frequently complained discomfort experienced by people especially those who work in the office is back pain. The risk of getting this kind of pain is higher if you are like me who doesn't have an ergonomic office chair and is stuck in a plastic stool like this:


I've been working in an "office" setting for almost...5 months now. Unlike when I was a hospital nurse wherein I spent almost, if not all, of my time in the bedside of the patient, I now sit on my chair most of the time. As you can see in the picture above, I use a chair that is not-so-comfortable to the back and I have to change position or stand up occasionally to stretch a little. Oh yes, I do walk and make "rounds" everyday but whether I admit it or not, 3/4 of my office hours is spent with that chair. As I've mentioned in my previous post "It's the Little Things," patients in my hospital assignment can only be counted in my fingers! :p 

Everyone would experience having this pain at least once in their lives. I experienced it just a few weeks ago and I'm telling you, it hurt really bad! :< The pain is like that of a "stiff neck." I can't move freely because certain positions aggravate the pain. It lasted for a week then the pain gradually subsided. I didn't take any meds; [oh I hate meds!] I just massaged the area. [whenever I find time. hohoho :p]

So, why do people get back pains by sitting for so long?

Our back is supported by vertebrae which in turn are cushioned by discs. These so-called discs don't have a rich blood supply and they only replenish themselves by getting fluids and nutrients from nearby bones/tissues. Since they are situated between our vertebrae and they act like cushions, their ability to get fluids and nutrients from nearby tissues/bones decreases when we sit. In layman's term, the discs find it hard to replenish themselves when we're sitting due to the pressure exerted to them. When the discs get compressed and they don't get what they need to nourish themselves, they lose their shock-absorbing property; hence, we experience back pain.

How do we prevent back pain?

As I've mentioned earlier, "where we sit" is one factor that contributes to the development of back pain. We should consider getting an ergonomic chair especially if we work long hours sitting; be it in an office or your home. It doesn't only support our back well but it also promotes good posture and comfort. There are a lot of ergonomic chairs available in the market and you may choose which one would suit you well. :)

In addition, you should also give a few minutes every hour to stretch your body. This will allow good circulation and would also reduce fatigue and strain on the eyes. 

Have a healthy and comfortable working environment! *cheers!*


This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back; however, all contents and views are 100% mine.

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  1. Ganda talaga ng blog mo maam, :D

  2. I see the pic of chair that you use to sit everyday during office time and i humbly request you to please replace these chairs immediately.It affects your whole back bone and cause back pain problems in future. Back Pain Exercises

  3. Hi, This is a good post, indeed a great job. You must have done good research for the work, i appreciate your efforts.. Looking for more updates from your side. Thanks

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