Personalized Name Tags

Have you ever owned a name tag? I guess you did. Name tags are part of our lives. From the moment that we were born, we were given those cute little bracelets where the words “Baby Boy/Girl *insert-surname-here*” were written. It is our form of identification. We don’t want switching of babies to happen, do we? Of course, this is not the case if you were born in the corners of your own home. :)

Name tags are also essential on our first day in school because our dear teachers can’t remember all our names at once. Do you remember how proud you were in wearing your name tag that you didn’t bother removing it even after school? Or maybe you just forgot to remove it then suddenly people call you by your name and you start to wonder how they knew it? I know, right? :p 

Even at work, name tags are there to keep us company. Some wear their name tags as if it’s an accessory and they prefer their tags to be personalized ones. These days, various shops offer customized name tags; just name it and they’ll make it. Nice, ey? They come in different sizes and styles. Some name tags need lanyards for us to easily wear it while some have pins which people usually put on their left chest. There are magnetic ones too which was the type that we used during college days. Magnetic name tags are convenient to use and they don’t leave unsightly marks or holes in uniforms unlike the ones with pins. The only down side of it is, it's a little heavy. :p

Speaking of personalized name tags, I recently won one from a fellow blogger’s giveaway! It’s actually a dog tag where the word “NURSE” is engraved. I didn’t really expect I’d win because I’m not really lucky when it comes to raffle draws. I haven’t received the item yet but I’m really excited to get my hands on it. :p 

P.S. Do you know where the proper place to put your name tag is? Should it be on your left or right chest? Some people say it should be put on your left because it’s closer to the heart. However, some people argue that it should be on the other side so others would see it right away. How about you, where do you usually put your name tag? :)

This is a sponsored post for Namify; however, all the points and views are my own.

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