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I can't believe I had to ask Mr. Google about "which part of the brain memories are stored" before starting to write this post. I was just curious, you know! I remember that my lecturer in Psychology (or was it Medical-Surgical Nursing?) mentioned that memories are in the temporal lobe of the brain. Have you ever wondered why we put our finger on our temple when we're trying to remember something? Maybe it can trigger our temporal lobe to release the answer, ey? Who knows? :p

You can actually read more about memories and hippocampus and other sort of technical terms here: CLiCK!.

Anyway, what drove me to write this post you ask?

This morning, I was walking the super dog outside. I was actually enjoying what my mother did to her garden. She bought a lot of bromeliads and orchids and other plants-I-know-the-name-not. Here are some pictures!

They're beautiful, aren't they? My mom really loves plants and...well, chocolates. She's got green fingers and oh, magical powers in reviving dying plants. Magical powers I tell you! lol. If you're someone who's trying to put a big smile on her face, those two things (plants and chocolates) would automatically do the job. Just saying. :)

I was feeling peaceful and happy until I saw this:

It's a tree---cut from its trunk. I know that my mother wanted to have this tree cut because the fruits and sometimes the foliage fall on her lovely flowers. I had always protested on her idea because---I know it would sound crazy---I grew up seeing that tree.

It's somehow comforting whenever I remember my childhood and the things I did before, with that tree as a witness.

How I put a signage on that tree that reads "Bawal Umihi Dito", and shout on guys who try to do so! It's disgusting, I know. The male specie sometimes forget what a rest room is.

How could I forget the time when my friends and I picked the fruits of that tree and ate them! (Note: they're edible and taste bitter.) Picking fruits is one of my favorite things to do. 

I also used the flowers of that tree for my project way back in highschool. It's fun to remember, right?

However, what that tree witnessed isn't all rainbows and butterflies. When I was around five, my grandfather forbid me to ride a bike and he tied my poor bike to the fence near that tree. And because I was so stubborn back then, I untied it while he wasn't looking but...he eventually caught me! I ran as fast as humanly possible to my mom's side because I know, I was doomed. lol

You see, I hold that tree so dearly, if that's the best way to describe it. So I feel really sad that I'll no longer see it. Forever.

I guess I'll eventually move on. Probably.  

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