Be the Red ‘X’ in the Internet Treasure Hunt

You could hire someone to develop a website for you, but the question that you should be asking yourself is, “Will it be enough?” Just putting up a website will not guarantee you traffic. In fact, while you definitely need a website, it may be the least effective way to get your message out. You need to hire a company like Solution Stream to help make sure that you have a strategy about how to keep that website updated and relevant while incorporating the use of your social media outlets.

Electronic Treasure Hunt

A lot of companies expect that people will be able to find their websites with just a couple of clicks. Unfortunately, the Internet is more like an electronic treasure hunt, except the treasure is at every click and sometimes it is marked with a giant red “X.” Most of the time, the treasure is in the first thing that the user stumbles upon. The only hidden treasures are the ones that never get found. You do not want that to be your website.

Gold on the Beach

Shortly after Columbus landed in the New World, people in Europe were lured to make a treacherous trip across a dangerous ocean to find wealth. Stories circulated that there were gold nuggets just lying on the beach waiting for someone to pick them up. While these stories were false, if you imagine the Internet as one of those mythical beaches, which nuggets are you going to pick up? You aren’t going to mess with the smaller ones as larger nuggets glitter in the snow, and you aren’t going to go too far onto the beach as long as there are nuggets to pick up near you.

Internet Gold

That is how the Internet works. Those results that show up on the first two pages will get clicks – with the ones at the top of the list getting the most. Get to the third page, and you aren’t going to see any traffic. That is why it is important for you to get a company like Solution Stream that can provide you with website development and strategy to help people get to your website.

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