Nurse Deployment Project Journal for March 2014

Yow! What's up people? I've been busy the past few days due to *insert work-related stuff here.* There was also a little hiccup while I was sailing along the smooth road towards happiness. lols. Just kidding. Despite the huge (HUGE in MY opinion) number of posts this month, I feel like I didn't really write anything here at all. Hmm. Don't worry guys, I'm doing my best to keep this blog alive and kicking!

Anyway, here's a summary of what I practically did the past few days. But before that, you may want to read my previous Nurse Deployment Project Journal entry for January and February.


I was able to assist the assigned midwife in my area of assignment during the regular EPI schedule on the first week of this month. I administered vaccines and explained to the parents/relatives the possible side effects of each vaccines and the management they can do.

We also participated in the LGU’s Fire and Earthquake Drill on the third week of this month. We discussed and demonstrated Basic Life Support/Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.

Checking for pulse on a victim.

On March 24, we assisted the Midwives in defaulter tracking and vaccination. We were only able to vaccinate few children due to lack of vaccine supply.

We had an orientation on March 25 regarding EPI, vaccine preventable diseases, cold chain logistics and the planned mass immunization that will hopefully push through by September. We were also oriented regarding Rapid Coverage Assessment.

On March 26 to 28, we conducted the Rapid Coverage Assessment (RCA); a house-to-house survey to check whether children aged 12 to 23 months received vaccines or not. We prioritized the areas that are of the highest risk. We checked the children’s Vaccination Card and encouraged the parents to bring their child to the nearest health center if he/she is not yet fully immunized.

On March 28 too, we were taught by DOH Staff together with our DOH-Rep on how to evaluate the RHU facilities using the provided forms, validate reports and etc.

The rest of the days were spent in the RHU doing routine nursing responsibilities such as assessing patients, providing health teaching and carrying out doctor’s orders.


I was able to become more familiar with EPI and vaccine preventable diseases. My skill in giving vaccines as well as my knowledge in their proper storage was enhanced.

I became familiar with how defaulters are tracked using the Midwives’ Target Client List. I also learned that even now, there are parents who are not aware of how important vaccines are to their children. We met a lot of them during our RCA in different barangays.

I learned how to prioritize clients and how to manage my time to be as productive as possible during duty hours.


There is still a lack of supply of Penta Vaccine. This situation results to an increase in our defaulters. Some, those who can afford, just resort to bringing their children in private clinics to receive the said vaccine.


Supplies, vaccines and medicines should be distributed to RHUs in a timely manner because most clients cannot afford to buy these themselves.


Honestly, I feel like I am just saying the same things over and over again whenever I write my journal. We meet the same issues every month and it is dependent upon the Department of Health to solve it. They are saying in their TV commercial that there is no shortage of vaccines but we, being deployed in the field, beg to disagree. Maybe there is no shortage or maybe there really is and they are just not saying it but truth is, there is no supply of Pentavalent vaccine (5 in 1) since January. Hearsay has it that supplies would hopefully come by May. 

Okay. Sorry for the rant. hehe! That's all for now and have a great week ahead! :)

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