Don't Wanna Be Forever Blue

Lately I've been feeling extra sentimental and I'm not really sure why. It seems like I am constantly having a battle with my emotions for reasons I cannot even admit to myself. Oh well, am I going crazy? lols. Maybe.

So yeah, I kinda hate that I'm typing these away when I know for a fact that what I'm saying has no sense at all and I'm just trying to convince myself that I'll be okay. That this is temporary. That I'm just leaving a mark on this blog so that one day, when I look back (or browse back?), I'll simply shrug my shoulders and say, "Did I really feel that way?!"

You see, talking to oneself is sometimes entertaining. You get to know some new things about yourself by letting the words flow and not thinking twice about what you have to say. It's like allowing your subconscious mind speak itself. And you don't care...

Honestly, I should be doing other things now like writing some interesting posts and not ranting over my highly complicated emotions. Or maybe I should be reading a good book to calm my nerves down and gather pieces of advice I could live by. Or maybe I could simply visit musicans friend where I could browse some good musical instruments. Music is a good companion, isn't it?

Okay. This is a little too long and out-of-place for a nonsense post. But I'd like to thank you anyway if you'd read this far. It means a lot to me. 

Take care, superman. :)

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