Nurse Deployment Project Journal for October 2014

Super busy days are somehow over...or should I say, we finally have a chance to get a little break from all things that stress us badly? MR-OPV campaign had been, in my opinion, successful despite all the hiccups that we encountered along the way. We'd all been pushed to our limits because we were one of the lowest performing municipalities in our province. Why? Who knows? :p Take a glimpse on what occurred the past few weeks:


Measles-Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine Mass Immunization had been extended until the 17th day of this month. With that, we had been busy looking for children that were missed during the scheduled immunization day. We patiently walked the streets and checked each household. Despite being exposed to bad weather conditions, we were able to locate and vaccinate missed children.

We also did a case investigation for dengue patients identified in Barangay Alua and Malapit. We documented our findings and submitted them to concerned offices.

During the third week of the month, we helped some of our midwives in the routine immunization as well as flu vaccination for senior citizens.

The rest of the days were either spent helping in the Rural Health Unit or finalizing our data and reports.


Coordination and participation of barangay officials and staff really make a difference in community activities like this. They’ve all been a big help in identifying missed children by providing us means of transport, guide and food. If not for them, we may not be able to somehow increase our accomplishment.

I also learned that fulfillment isn’t based on numbers. We may have a low percentage of accomplishment based on the reports, but in our hearts, we know that we all did our best checking and validating that all children in each household were really vaccinated.

Lastly, I learned that one cannot really please everybody. Despite all our efforts, patience and dedication, there are those who will still question our work. Instead of giving advice or boosting our hopes up, they’d rather pull us down.


Some parents still refused to have their children vaccinated particularly those who have private pediatricians. There are also those who fear that the vaccines will just make their child sick. These are some reasons why we were not able to meet our targets.


Proper and intense information dissemination should be done. Private Doctors must also be advised to cooperate in this kind of activity. They must be persuaded to become instruments in encouraging parents to submit their children for vaccination instead of otherwise.

***end of journal***

We are thankful that we were able to survive the past few weeks. It was really hard walking under the scorching heat of the sun just to validate and vaccinate the young members of our population. We could only hope that all our efforts would pay off in the foreseeable future. :)

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