Feels like my FiRST time @_@

Finally, I am a nurse again. lol (been a tambay for 7 looOoOoong months)

I had my very first duty @ NEDHI today...as a VOLUNTEER.

Well, that's how it is in the Philippines.
You study hard, pay a lot for tuition fees, pass the board exam and get a license then work as a volunteer. duh. Let's just talk about it some other time. lol

Back to the topic, I felt like it was my first duty ever!
All we were asked to do is take the patients' vital signs. Hmm...
I know, I know. It's because we are just NEW and need to be oriented. That's okei...
Anyway, I did learn something today... (oww I forgot it already! kidding.) hehe...

Maybe what I'm just trying to say is...
It feels good to be back! 

...so help me God :))

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