kriiing kriiing kriiiiing!!!

(picked up the fone)

<Yes hello? I am looking for Ms. Lilibeth Torres.
>Yes sir speaking... Who is this?
< I am (insert name here). We are currently looking for talented individuals who will join our team and you were referred by your former school Wesleyan University-Philippines. (How true was that? hmmm... Referred by my former school? sounds suspicious. hehe...) I know Lilibeth that you are very busy right now but can you give me 2 minutes to explain the details? (how did he know that I'm VERY BUSY? hehe) There is no guarantee yet that you will be part of the team because there are only 3 vacancies left. (really? I already had the idea what this is all about :P)

So let's dig the truth...

>Okei sir. May I know your company's name and address?
<Okei, get a pen and paper first and I'll tell you.


>Hello sir, I'm ready, go ahead.
<Okei...We are the largest business company in the US. "US Healthcare"
>Okei Sir...
<So Lilibeth where do you work right now? where do you work as a volunteer?  

(where were the details??? i haven't even wrote a thing on my paper!)


>Actually Sir I am currently unemployed. I worked before as a volunteer in Gapan District Hospital.
<Okei... Can I schedule you on Sunday to attend our "orientation?"
>I'm sorry sir pero may lakad po ako nun. (reunion ng 4-1 e! hahaha :P)
<Ah okei. So Lilibeth can you refer at least 3 people who are as hardworking as you are to join our team? Sayang kasi ang slots. (aba hardworking pala ako? :P)
>Yes sir BUT i have to ask for their permission first if I can give you their contact number. May I ask a question sir?
>Is this network marketing?
<What do you mean? As in pyramid scam?
>NO sir... networking like UNO? (Unlimited Network of Opportunities)
<I'm sorry but we don't do such thing. We are a bigger company... blah blah blah ( di ko na maalala sinabi e. haha) Are you already a part of that?
>No sir but I was invited by one of my friends...
<Okei Lilibeth we are very sorry but if you are a part of any business like that you are AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED to join us. (sabe na ngang I'm not a part of it YET e!) I am very sorry. Can you just give me the contact details and names of people who might qualify to join us?
>okei sir, I'll just text you if they will give me their permission.
<Okei Lilibeth, again I am sorry... (hangs up...)

(why so apologetic? lol)


Alam ko naman from the very start na network marketing to e... hehehe. Baket kasi ganun ang approach nila sa pag-invite. Half-truth lang ang sinasabi... pinaaasa nila yung mga tao na trabaho talaga yung offer nila... Sige sabihin na nating trabaho nga yun... Pero what I mean here is... JOB slash CAREER talaga. Gets mo ba?

Kaya sila napagkakamalang scam e... Hmmp!

Sasabihin pang wala daw guarantee na matatanggap ka. weh? di nga?

Di naman ako against sa ganito e... In fact gusto ko sumali, wala lang ako pambayad para makapagmember. lol. Ang sakin lang, BE TRUTHFUL!!! Sasabihin mo walang pupunta kung ganun ang gagawin? E kasi nga sinimulan nila yung idea na ganyan, na nag ooffer sila ng trabaho kuno pero pagdating dun e networking pala?! Ang maling simula magbubunga talaga ng maling wakas!

O kanya kanyang paniniwala yan ha. PEACE! :P

excuse the english na lang. hahaha :))

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3 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. It's a Referral for Profit. If they can successfully referred someone, they can get a commission, and if the referred one can get a member just like the first one did, the original referrer can still get another commission (money). I also got a phone call last week (similar to your story), saying I was referred by a schoolmate of mine back from High School. I didn't entertain the caller saying to her that I'm not interested (back in my mind, I said !@#% get a life; get a proper job).

  2. yeah I know how networking works.
    I just don't like their strategy in recruiting people. . .

  3. Im a member of an mlm/network marketing company. I used to be negative before when it comes to networking because of what i hear about it from the media. but when a friend of mine invited me to the "orientation" it was then that i realized that it's not that bad, in fact it's actually good.

    I saw it as a great opportunity to change my life and a shortcut to reaching my dreams. I decided to be a part of it because i knew they are different from others, and they have this mission to change the people's negative impression about this kind of business. I just want you to know that NOT all networking company are the same. at least i can say that we are different. we don't deceive people, and we don't give false hope. we are just offering our help to those who need it.

    and by the way, we don't recruit people, we just invite them. because we are not allowed to force them to join us, for it is against there free will.

    if you want, i can show you how our company works. I want to show you the difference, that is, if you are willing to.

    have a nice day :)