I thought I wouldn't get...those two lines...LOL. Okay, I'm kidding. haha...

It's about something else.

Last Tuesday, we performed Mantoux Testing to ourselves. I know you'd ask, "What is that???" hehe... 

The Mantoux test (also known as the Mantoux screening test, Tuberculin Sensitivity Test, Pirquet test, or PPD test for Purified Protein Derivative) is a diagnostic tool for tuberculosis.It is given by using a needle and syringe to inject 0.1 ml of 5 tuberculin units of liquid tuberculin between the layers of the skin (intradermally), usually on the forearm.

yeah it hurts. XD
Result is read 48-72 hours after the injection. How is it done?  Well, the reaction is an area of induration (swelling that can be felt) around the site of the injection. The diameter of the indurated area is measured across the forearm; erythema (redness) around the indurated area is not measured, because the presence of erythema does not indicate that a person has TB infection.

In a negative test, little to no swelling occurs. Positive tests cause the appearance of a raised disc which can be between five and 15 millimeters in diameter. If someone has a compromised immune system, a five millimeter reading is considered positive.

For more info regarding this, visit this site

6hours after the injection :D aww...

Yesterday, I asked my colleague to read whether mine is positive or not. After some rituals, [LOL] he said it's negative!  *yay* But my other colleague said he got the measurement wrong so I asked my supervisor to read it again.

He said it's positive! Hmmpz. Okay, I'm positive for exposure to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis! 

[I'm quite doubtful about the result of this test. Maybe it's just false positive. We tried measuring it right after the injection, then I developed a bruise, <which is obvious in the pic above> LOL. I'll just have it repeated when we open another vial of PPD.]

However, as a nurse, it is not unusual. When I was a volunteer in a district hospital, I've handled lots of patients who are TB positive. 

Don't worry, this cannot be transmitted through the internet, so feel free to visit my blog and comment anytime. haha XD

Anyway, what's important is I have normal chest x-ray!

Take care, everyone! :))

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10 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. I don't get it. Do you have tuberculosis? Sorry I am not a nurse and i am really slow in things like this. enlighten me more.. haha..

  2. @mayen: NO i don't have. hehe. It just means that I've been exposed to the bacteria that causes TB. :) Negative naman sa xray :) hihi XD

    @ka bute: the injection hurts. try po natin sa'yo? hehe :)

  3. whews. i hate ID injections! pinakamasakit! thanks for posting this lily, you know, it has only been a year since i graduated and i feel like i have forgotten everything i learned in college!
    hey you're positive!!! hehe.. ok lang kci di naman confirmatory dx ang mantoux test. i bet if i try this test on myself, magpopositive din ako. i've been exposed kaya sa XDR TB px! huhu.. this is what's so difficult about the medical professions, exposed tayo sa lahat ng infectious diseases. whews.

  4. @sam: sakit nga...hihi XD

    @mayen: buti nalang nga... :))

  5. @karen: i feel the same way! parang right after the board exam nakalimutan ko na lahat. haha ;)

    uu nga...kaya dapat we should be extra careful when handling INFECTIOUS pts! LOL :P tara let's try it on you. hehe...

  6. Erythema does not mean you are positive. You are only positive if you have the induration.Go look at pics of a positive and a negative PPD. You do not measure the erythema.