When love is real, you can't walk away.

Note: It's not about me... This is written for my person. Related post: Open Letter.

I'm not really fond of telling my love story but the pain I'm feeling right now overpowers my desire to just keep it to myself. I kept myself busy to distract my brain from thinking about what happened but it keeps on telling me this, "No! He's my favorite subject for the moment!" Argh. Who am I to stop this powerful part of the human body?!

I met him when I was in freshman. At first all I wanted was to have fun and enjoy the *kilig moments* while they last. I never planned of falling too hard and creating a world where it's just the two of us. Sure I did have a set of friends but most of my time was spent with him. I finished college creating memories I can never throw away---not even now that I'm so angry. I loved him more than any girl could do (or so I think.)

After college, I started working and so did he. We went on separate ways but our love for each other remained intact. I gave him my 100% trust. We see each other at least once a month. We created happier memories. We call and text each other to make sure everything's fine and to prevent ourselves from falling out of love. 

Communication is one of the most important ingredient in any relationship. It keeps the fire burning and fuels every beat of the heart.

Days, months, a year passed. We started to have fights over the littlest things on earth. He grew cold and I started to doubt his love for me. I just told myself that maybe, just maybe, he's feeling tired. It took every ounce of understanding I have in me to erase the horrible thoughts that enter my mind. He loves me and I stick with that.

We managed to work it out and stayed together. I sacrificed everything I have to prove how much I love him. I gave up my job, had a huge fight with my sister and forgot about myself just to make him happy. Then, the best thing came; he proposed to me and I said yes! I was the happiest girl on earth that day!

His parents talked to my family so we could get an approval of me living with them in their home. I did everything I could to be the best wife-to-be even though he's working from a far-far-away-land. I was sad during the times he wasn't home. There were days when he wouldn't even ask how I was doing. Again, I doubted his love for me. I sensed that he's unsure of marrying me so I decided to talk to him seriously.

I wished I was just having a nightmare when he told me the most painful words I've ever heard my entire life. He's inlove with somebody else! My world suddenly stopped and all our plans melted away. Turns out, I was the only one planning for our future!

I didn't know what to do. I burst into tears. He made me feel like the most pathetic creature on earth. One moment we were getting married. The next thing I know he's dumping me. I wanted to just die that very moment! Shame.

I grabbed hold of a blade I saw from afar. I placed it on my wrist and closed my eyes. I moved it slowly as if tracing the delicate skin that covers my artery. I felt the sharp pain then blood started oozing out of my capillaries. Then, his father saw what I was doing.

I was saved.


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16 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. oh boy! God loves you dear, please don't end your life because of this heartache. You deserved to be happy and loved.

  2. masakit ang nangyari sa iyo.....pero may iba pang lalaki na puwedeng magmahal sa iyo....from where are you....

  3. @jean and kuya arvin: this isn't about me... It's about someone so dear to me... Yeah we all deserve to be happy. It just doesn't happen when we want it.

    I'm from nueva ecija kuya arvin. :p

    thanks for taking time to read!

  4. haha., if love is true., :) but that's hard to find., :)

    btw, i have a blog contest where you can win Sony PSP, P8,000, P3,000, P1000 etc., :) Feel free to JOIN & care for an exchange link? refer to http://www.strifeofcloud.com/link-exchange

  5. @jr: you're right! true love is hard to find!

    I'll try to join in your contest. You've got great prizes there. :))

  6. true love will come in time :) dont worry dear. he's just right there. xoxo <3

  7. Was that really NOT you? Cause if you are, don't end life that easy. God has wonderful plans for us, just wait and be surprised. :)

  8. @ate KC: yeah you're right :)

    @jana: That's NOT me. Really. :)) I've been single for almost three years now, so there's no way anyone's gonna propose to me. ^_^

  9. Oh no no no!! Don't end up life because of failures in love.. God has something good than what you expect. God loves you dear..

  10. Ah, what love can do. It blinds us and robs us of our better judgment.

    Magandang umaga, iha :)

  11. @V.Machines: Yeah, love is supposed to make us feel alive. It should never be the reason to end it. God loves us all. :)

    @Nortehanon: Love can move mountains, sabe nung kanta...haha... And you're right, sometimes it clouds our minds and rids us the ability to think clearly. ^_^

  12. hmmm...when love isnt working anymore, i can definitely walk away from it by ignoring all the things we had. coz if you can't it would bring the very best devil out in you. you can be barbaric, you can be unmindful to the others, you would see every thing so bad. i know it's a hard to move on but i can settle my own battle without hurting myself physically.

    if i were in your shoes, i would choose to divert my feelings to an object - shout with the pillow on your mouth, "gutay-gutayin" ang lumang damit, suntukin ang kama na kutsyon, magbasag ng mga bote ng silver swan. (did those once). i would do it big time rather than ending my life.

    with those screams and anger, i can say i still value my very very very very very very existence.

  13. @spiky: we all have different coping mechanisms. Yes, we can walk away and ignore the pain, pretend there's no problem until it feels real. The one in this story chose to be weak and gave in. [di po ako yan ha] hehe...

    Anyway, she's fine now and trying to move on. She's got a solid support system and I guess she'll be ok in God's time. :))

  14. This is really sad :( I hope she'll be ok soon and find the right man for her.

  15. such a heartbreak. but hey, it'll get better in time, you'll find the right love, the right man.

  16. you deserve better. learn from the mistakes and let God guide you :)