New Year, New What?

Life's been pretty hard the past few weeks. A lot has happened I can barely count them on my fingers. I'm working in the hospital again and been quite busy. I can't find time to write something sensible. My blog has been a collection of non-sense blues and blahs but I don't regret I put them in here. It's the only reliable outlet for all my emotions for the moment!

Anyway, the year is new and I'm still me. New year, old me. tahaha. There are times when I just wanted to reminisce the things that happened when I was still young. When everything was just simple and I was worry-free. When all I was expected to do is play, laugh, run and learn. When I wasn't obliged to do adult stuff. When I wasn't aware what falling inlove means. And so on...

We are all so eager to grow up. We all want to get out of the nest and stand on our own feet. And once we're out, only then that we realize it's cold and dark out there. And we're alone...

I won't bore you with my rants about the past here. hehe. Umeemote lang ng onti. :) This year, I'm looking forward to meeting a HAPPYish me. I wanted to let go of the things that hurt. I'm just unsure how long it would take me. But I'll try.


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