Dear Prince Charming

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What's taking you so long?
I've been waiting in this casket for years...
Would you ever come rescue me?
Or I'm just waiting here for nothing?

What have you been doing?
Were you defeated by the demons
you've been fighting for so long?

You know, I'm not a princess
And I hate princesses.
They are weak.
Always waiting for a rescue.
How come they don't make a move
to save themselves?
What if the prince never comes?
They're just gonna die w/o fighting?

I'm not weak.
But my heart barely beats
It's getting colder each day
What if it just stops beating?
What if even your love,
can't make it beat again?

This isn't a fairy tale.
I'm not a princess.
You are not prince charming.
I'll wait, but NOT forever...


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2 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. Baka na-traffic lang si Prince Charming. hehe. joke.

    Life may not be a fairytale, but just believe.. believe that every Prince Charming will go to great lengths, just to find his Princess. :)

  2. Ate Leah: Na-superrr traffic ata e. (;

    o baka naligaw na..hehe :)