Unsolicited Advice

I just feel the need to explain myself for laughing at your advice. No, you're not wrong. But you weren't right either. Let's just say that, you were somewhere in between.

What I told you is something I've been keeping to myself for a long time now. When I say long, I mean it's superrr long, as if measuring the distance from here to the moon, and then back. [okay, that's exaggerated]

I just needed someone who'd listen to me, but it seems like telling you wasn't a good idea. So sorry to you, for laughing, and to me, for even thinking I could tell you that.

So, I'm back here, in my little space in cyberworld, telling people I only knew by their cyber name, about how stupid I was for blurting out a secret to someone who can't contain his opinions. I was stupidddddddddddddd. Duh.

Too many words, too little sense. Maybe, what I'm really trying to say is, don't give  pieces of advice when they aren't needed. Or when the person doesn't ask for  them. Instead of making them feel good, you just end up giving them a heavier load. Unsolicited advice, that is.
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Avoid telling them "why don't you...." "maybe you should......." and so on. Things aren't as easy as how you think they are. You aren't in that person's shoes in the first place. Just be there and listen. Offer your shoulder and make her feel you understand her. She'll ask for an advice if she needed one.

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