Notice to my Blogger Friends

Recently, I changed my blog's template. I don't know what popped into my mind when I did this. Perhaps, I was bored with my previous layout or I was just really bored I have nothing else to do. Nevertheless, I'm happy with what I did. The new template and colors on my blog give it a refreshing look, doesn't it? #lels.

Anyway, this post was made to inform you that I accidently messed up the Blogroll Section where I put blogs I've linked ex with. :c I promise to put it back as soon as I can. As of now, I have only put those blogs I remember.

To those who are supposed to be there too[can't remember them all], please do comment below. I really apologize for what happened. :c

If you haven't exchanged links with me yet, you may also put your blog/s below and I'd be happy to put you on my links list. [Link me too, orayt? ;)]

Thank you very much for understanding! Seeyah around! :))

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