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When I was little, I love browsing my family's photo albums. I feel happy whenever I see how my parents and brothers look like when they were younger; with all those 80's looks and clothes. Then one day, I saw a picture of them, my mother, father and two brothers, in a captured image that portrays a happy family. I wasn't born yet during that time and I wondered, "Why didn't we have a family picture NOW?"

It's just a picture, I know, but it matters to me. A picture doesn't only capture images, but moreover, it captures precious memories that might never happen again. While it's true that memory captures images, I find it better if we have a picture so we at least have a TANGIBLE connection to our past. A printed material we can look at whenever we miss each other or when we want to show other people who helped in molding the person we are now.

Even now that I'm a grown up, I still want to have that picture; my parents and brothers in one captured memory. A lot of occasions has happened yet we never had the chance to have it. 

Until my brother's wedding last March, 2012. Yes, my brother got married and I wasn't able to tell you that 'coz I was busy, like a bee. #lols.
Our very first Family picture---with my brother's wife and my niece.
The photo above was taken using a 12MP digital camera only. We're still waiting for the official photos. :)) Nevertheless, I am real glad we finally have a picture like this. *cheers*

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