British Gas Business- Freezing prices to save you cash

It can often seem as if the cost of everything is increasing, nowadays, and if business owners take their eye off the ball, they can often find themselves paying over the odds for products and services, simply because their lifestyle makes them too busy to shop around for a better deal. In the short-term, this might pass unnoticed, but as the months creep by it's amazing how a few pounds on each service bill can add up to a hefty sum. For services such as gas and electric, many businesses have no choice but to use them, so particular thrift and knowledge of the market is useful if you want to save money.

If you are too busy to continually monitor the market, however, and are content with the rate that  British Gas currently offers,  the company has a number of fixed rate tariffs, whereby business owners are quoted a competitive rate for their gas and electricity, and have the assurance that this rate will continue for as long as the contract is valid. This means that should the cost of energy rise, customers with a fixed rate contract will not be affected.

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