In the Eyes of A Child

My mom and I frequently talk about random things that happen in our workplace. When I was a kid, she had always told me stories about children who have no family nor a place they could call home, stories about abused children and those who were abandoned. She also used to bring me with her whenever she accompanies these children to their "Haven" or " New Home". Yes, my mother is a social worker and this is one of the reasons why there is a soft spot in my heart for less fortunate children.

One ordinary day, on our way to our workplace, she told a not-so-new-to-me-story about the "new girl" in their "Home". She's eleven years old and a known thief in their place. (I will not divulge any other information about her other than the story that relates to the title of this post.) Let's call her Judy. 

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Judy has a father, as she claimed, but she chose to live outside the four corners of their house. She steals foods to pacify her grumbling stomach and she sleeps on the cold, dry and dangerous street. She considers the whole world as her home. During her conversation with my mom, she related the story on how she ended up under DSWD's care.
"Nagnakaw po kasi kami dun sa malaking bahay, kumuha po kami ng mga alahas at pera..."

My mother asked how they did that. For a little girl like Judy, it is somehow unbelievable how she was able to do such act. Judy answered as if there's nothing wrong with what they've done. She enthusiastically shared between her giggles with her eyes brimming with innocence, "Ay, meron po kaming martilyo, apukpok po namin yung pader. Atagal nga po kami apukpok e! Tapos nung butas na po yung pader, suot po kami dun! Kaya lang nakita po kami, atakbo po kami! Tapos yung kasama ko po nahuli, ako po hindi, kasi atulin ako takbo e!"

Judy further relates that she steals because she's hungry. "Nakukulo po kasi yung tiyan ko ih. Kelangan ko po kumain para mabuhay..."

Notice how childish her words are. She's still a kid yet she's forced to do bad things in order to survive. She didn't mind if what she did was right or wrong as long as she has something to put in her aching stomach. Life for her was like, 'If I won't steal, I'd die.'
In the eyes of this child, there's no right or wrong; only survival.
There are many other Judys out there, battling the harsh world on their own. Who do we blame?

Children like Judy are products of broken homes. It is always in our home where everything starts. Who and what they become is mostly influence of how they were molded by people who are around them while growing up. So, if you don't like to create another Judy, start it with your own family. Be a good example and instill in your children's minds and hearts the importance of a family that stays together---through thick and thin.
Children are like sponges thrust into the ocean. They absorb whatever's around them and carry it with them as long as they live.

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21 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. interesting article ... saw your blog at FB list ... dropping by here :)

  2. I hope the educational needs of the child will also be addressed.

    1. Yes, DSWD sends children under their care to school. The government shoulders everything they need. :)

  3. in this rapidly changing world, correct values should be instilled while they are still young. it is so sad that there are some parents who fail to do this... but hope is still there... interesting entry :)

  4. huhuhuhuu.. bakit kaya may ganyan sa mundo.

  5. A very touching post. The gov. must also focus on this matter. The children, the next generation is our country's hope.

  6. That's a big challenge now! Isama narin ang mga pinapanood sa TV on how they can influence our children.

  7. This is a very nice read. I agree that children's minds are simple and like sponges. If we don't teach them values, we'll create more and more Judy.

  8. The government can't take care of all such children, which is why it is very important for parents to be responsible. It saddens me that those unfit to be parents are the ones breeding like rabbits.

  9. As adults we should be careful with our actions as seen by children around us, it is just our responsibility.

  10. indeed correct!! they copied ervtyhing they see and hear around them! xx

  11. How heartbreaking. I hope, though, that Judy can be rehabilitated to become a contributing member of society, not a menace. I wonder what the rate of rehabilitated minors in DSWD is.

  12. can you tell your mom for me that she's God's gift to these children. i wish your mom good health so that she can continue to love you and these other kids without a functional family.

  13. I hope Judy will realize that there are proper ways of having something to eat. I hope she finds the center a place where she can call a home. No need to steal to be able to eat.

  14. It's sad that at such a young age this child is subjected to so much pain. It breaks my heart.

  15. reading this is so heartbreaking. :(
    the girl just didn't really know what else to do but just survive. it's hard to put a fine line between what is good and bad because she just needs/wants to survive.

    hopefully she will learn that what she did wasn't right, but she's still a child, she can still learn how to go about the world without having to resort to stealing and such.

  16. Another sad reality of life.. Children like judy must have parents who can teach her good morals and values.

  17. Unfair facts of this temporary world. We continue to journey life..all of us and we have our own share of troubles, hardships, trials..but the likes of Judy are so deprived of even the decent experience of joy and happiness.
    Like you I have a very soft spot of children like, i want to blame her family, i want to blame the government...but it could never solve her case...How I wish have the right resources to help out.

    Sad...really sad.

  18. As a parent, I'll make sure to give the best to my child so she don't have to experience what Judy has gone through.

  19. Those children who are exposed in such disgraceful environment
    are likely to become as notorious as their parents are.
    They should be guided properly and protected from bad influences.