Darker Shade of Black

"A disabled man walked passed by me. He was holding his crutch with his right hand and he was carrying a plastic bag on his left. I saw how much effort he exerted to reach a nearby chair and how simply sitting on it took every ounce of energy he has. Upon sitting down, he slowly put his crutch onto his side and started to open the plastic bag which I later realized was his lunch. He sighed. He looked as if he's carrying the whole world on his back. His eyes were tired and sad and his body would remind you of someone who's been through a lot of pain. No. Not just physical pain. It must have been a kind of pain that would make you want to just quickly vanish. 

He started to eat what was on the plastic bag using his bare hands as his spoon and the plastic bag itself as his plate. It seemed like even eating tires his body. His hand was shaking and nobody even cares..."

It's his actual picture.


A day before that, there was this middle-aged man who approached me and asked what they can do to help a certain patient lessen his hospital bill. The patient,  who's actually just a child, fell off a tree and was badly injured. He's been on comatose for three days already and there's no assurance he's ever gonna wake up. They wanted to just bring him home since they cannot afford the medical treatments and they already accepted the fact that this child would eventually die. Read that line over again. "They wanted to just bring him home since they cannot afford the medical treatments and they already accepted the fact that this child would eventually die." This isn't new to me since I've met a lot of patients that share the same story. Still, situations like this never fails to break my heart.

I asked this man how he's related to the patient. He answered by saying that he's his neighbor. He further explained that this child's father has a disability and is not capable of taking care of him. He just took the initiative to help them because if he won't, nobody else would. 

Going back to the first story, I guess, this man (on the picture) is the father he was talking about. I realized, somebody cares for them after all...

May God bless them. :c

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12 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. It really is heart-breaking to hear stories like that. It is indeed tough to know that nobody cares for you. If only they knew that someone actually does. I'm sure they'll be delighted and would have the energy to continue on living. :)

  2. It is saddening to hear of such story but also it gives you a glimmer of hope as some people have the initiative to help others.

  3. worth to visit blog, ive follow u thru GFC:) buti na lng may mga taong gaya nung mama',,,

  4. heartbreaking, and then we asks ourselves, what can we do to help? ... and saying a little prayer for them works wonders! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Heartbreaking story and I wish we can do something about it.

  6. it hurts to read stories like these but these are the kinds of stories that are so real.

  7. sad, people spend so much money on cellphone and latest gadgets but can't give donate even one peso to those who are in need.

  8. that's our sad reality. how i wish that government would increase their budget for the subsidiaries for the elderly andpeople who needs medical attention :(

  9. i've seen a lot like the man and the child. tsk, so heartbreaking but I can't just do anything. If I just have millions, I could have hospitalized the child and helped his dad t.t

  10. a sad story, but inspiring as well.

  11. Its really sad to read stories like this. I know its real but someone aside from his dad (like other relatives) should be able to take care of the boy.

  12. It's hard to live without money...
    It's even harder to die without it as well.
    There are still GOOD people who are selfless to
    extend a helping hand.