Efficiency Doesn't Have to Be Pricey

With all the technological advancements being introduced in the market these days, productivity and cost-efficiency now go hand in hand, two words that can be spoken in one breath with relative ease. And if you're somebody rooting for both, either for your business or personal needs, below are three online tools that may just be the answer to what you're looking for:

1. PickyDomains.com

With millions and millions of top-level domains (TLDs) registered to date, it's no surprise most of the good ones had already been taken. Using a mechanical name generator may help, but if you're eyeing for unique, chances are you're in for a major disappointment. Hiring a branding agency is another option, if you've got the money to spend. But what if you don't have much to begin with?

PickyDomains.com is a naming service that capitalizes on the power of the crowd to come up with unique, relevant and catchy names or domains, even slogans, should you need any. Having been in business since 2007, PickyDomains.com has a strong pool of over 50,000 namer contributors. To start receiving suggestions from this diverse group, register as a client with the site, pay the required $50 downpayment for a name or domain (or $75 for a slogan) and describe the name/domain/slogan you're looking for. If none of the suggestions meets your criteria, you're entitled to a refund, making the service 100% risk-free.

2. JetRadar.com

With the introduction of low-cost airlines and online ticket sellers, the cost of air travel has cheapened quite considerably, forcing some airlines to leave the business for good. Nowadays, competition among cheap carriers has become so intense that they no longer offer their best and cheapest deals to price-comparison websites. The end result, a regular consumer would have to scour every airline and ticketing site for the best promotional offer there is, potentially leaving a time-constrained individual frustrated to the bone.

JetRadar.com is a search engine that thoroughly sifts through more than 700 individual airline sites, hundreds of flight sites for the best and cheapest airfare promos, and makes the data it collects publicly available in a single portal, drastically cutting down on the time and effort it takes for the average consumer to find the airfare deal that fits his needs.

3. Bitrix24.com

Efficiency in the workplace is every business owner's dream. The reasons are downright obvious - timeliness, orderliness, effective communication, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, to name just a few. It is for this reason that intranets and CRMs are achieving prominence. However, these tools aren't necessarily cheap, leaving a small business owner with zero-to-low budget probably wondering to himself, "Why is life so darn unfair?"

Well, wonder no more and fret no longer. Bitrix24.com is a corporate intranet system that combines the features of a free CRM, free file sharing, free workforce management, free task scheduler, free messaging system, free real-time streaming and a whole host of other awesome features. Cloud-based as it is, no installation is necessary, and the application can be accessed anywhere you go via a web-based browser or your smartphone. Plus, Bitrix24.com is free for companies with a maximum of 12 employees, which is upgradable to unlimited number of users at $99 per month.

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