Life Goes On

As I was going home a while ago, I saw this man with an amputated leg. He looks fine though. As if everything's normal. He was talking with another man, probably his friend and it seemed like they were having good time. When we're past where they were, my mind wandered a little farther. I thought of a lot of people who complain a lot; about their life, the way they look and other things that are not worth-complaining-of. Maybe, if we'll just look at the brighter side of each problems we have, we'll be like that man who still affords to smile despite his disability.

Then, I remembered what my teacher (way back in highschool) shared with us during our try out for photojournalism, on how to capture a good photo and how to come up with a striking caption. She told us about a winning piece during one of their conferences. It was a photo of a young boy, with amputated leg, standing up with the support of crutches and smiling widely. The caption was, "Life goes on."

Yeah, life goes on. It wouldn't stop for you just because you've  got a ton of problems. Neither because you were hurt. Or any other lame excuse. Life goes on. If you don't keep up, if you don't get to your feet after you stumbled, you'll be left behind. The world doesn't and would never stop for just one person. Bottom line: Take time to heal, but don't take a lifetime for it. :)

***random thoughts lang. :p

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