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While writing my blog post for "Seven Little Secrets", I was brought back to the time when and how I came up with pen names/code names I use in cyber world. I started writing non-sense things way back in highschool. I first used a diary as an outlet of my crazy ideas and emotions. Eventhough it was just a simple notebook which was never read by anybody, I still used a code name to close my entries. Haha. I told you, I'm crazy. :p

Here are some of the names I used and the stories behind them. [I believe I am no longer anonymous and nobody gives a sh*t about it so...hehe.]

  • Railee - This name was inspired by Raizen. You know? Eugene's father. Remember Ghost Fighter?! haha. I just changed the second syllable to "lee" which is equivalent to "li"; the first syllable of my real name.
  • Rhyne - This is pronounced as "rayn". The name just popped in my mind. When I was in first year highschol, I made a short story. The plot was taken out of events that happened in my and my bestfriend's life. Don't ask me about it; it's baby-ish. haha :p
  • Ice - As I've mentioned in my previous post, I used this pen name when I tried out for our school paper. It's not because I am cold or something. (or maybe I am?) This was a popular code name back then and believe it or not, there was another student who used that name. Thank God she put a -d in hers. Iced. hehe :p
  • Littleangelonearth - This was my code name when I was introduced into the cyberworld. I was in fourth year highschool then. Probably you'd say, "You don't look like an angel!" haha. I was just fascinated by angels that time. I even bought those little figurines and displayed them at home. :p
  • Littletenshi - I don't remember what season of PBB it was where Ya-Chang was one of the housemates. I heard him say that angel in Japanese is "tenshi." From then on, I changed littleangel to littletenshi. I still use this name in some of my online accounts. :)
  • Waterlily - This pen name has two other different variations. May ganun? haha. iamwaterlily and waterlily24. Just so you know, I was born on February, Piscean, which is under the water sign. Lily is my nickname. So, water + lily = waterlily. And oh, waterlily is also my birth flower! And it's my favorite name! :)
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Remembering these names bring a smile to my face. The journey of me-being-a-writer-wannabe has been quite long but worthwhile. Each names has many more stories behind and I have learned a lot from them. How about you? Do you have a favorite pen name? :)

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  1. Those are creative pen names. I've never used a pen name before. Maybe I'm not that creative :)

    I guess the evolution of your pen names signifies the evolution of your writing talent. :)