Keep Motivated; Use a Pedometer!

Have you ever wondered how other people monitor their progress when it comes to exercise? Whether just for fun or for serious monitoring of physical activity, a pedometer is one great tool to achieve your goal.

Before, only sports and physical fitness enthusiasts uses pedometers for walking. Pedometers are devices that record each steps of a person by detecting the movements or motions of the hips. It can be worn/attached to your belt, backpack, shirt/pants pockets or hang on your neck. Over the years, technology has improved everything and modern versions of this device can now calculate things other than the person's steps such as amount of calories burned. Some pedometers have an FM radio integrated, which by the way is so cool, that could keep you entertained while doing your *ADL.

According to studies, use of pedometer is associated with significant increases in physical activity and significant decreases in body mass index and blood pressure. In other words, it keeps the person motivated and goal oriented. For example, a person is more likely to increase his activity if he plans to or determined to beat his record (based on his pedometer) everyday.

There are also pedometers that are integrated in some personal electronic devices. You just have to choose which one suits your needs best. Keep in mind too that accuracy of these devices vary from one to another. Some devices even need to be calibrated first based on your body built.

*ADL: Activities of Daily Living

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