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Segue: I know I've been MIA for so long. I'm sorry about that. I've been busy with work. Oh, scrap that; it's a lame excuse. I know. I know! :p Here's my unsolicited explanation: I've been thinking of renovating this blog before I write a new post and it took me ages to do that. Annnd, there are so many things I wanted to write about and I couldn't decide which should go first. (Another lame excuse.) lols. There are new things though that I want to tell you! I created an IG and Bloglovin account! *clap clap* So, if you don't mind, please follow my poor accounts because seriously, I don't have any follower as of the moment. :c 


For a long time until last week, I've been planning of putting my old cellphone to rest. Well, it already served me for more than a year. It still works fine but the down side is, it's not an android one and apps/games/support are getting fewer and fewer for that unit.

The unit I wanted is Samsung I8190 otherwise known as Galaxy S3 Mini. I already inquired to some outlets inside malls but it costs too much! Price range inside malls: 14k-16k php!

Fortunately, this unit is also available in an online store---"Kimstore"--- that is so popular among the gadget lovers. They offer the same quality gadgets at a much affordable price! I don't remember where I first heard of this store, but since then, I've been stalking their Facebook Page for price drops and new products.

When I inquired via Facebook, I received a reply in just a few minutes. The staff answered all my questions; from current price, shipping, payment method, etc. All I can say is, they are nice. :)

I placed my order on Tuesday and paid on the same day via BPI. I've been very careful with this transaction because I've read some buyers who got scammed. Here are a few tips for you to avoid such situation:

  • Transact with Kimstore's (or any other store's) official account ONLY. Scammers create accounts under Kimstore's or Kim Lato's name. Do not be fooled. Their official account has 100k+ followers already.
  • When an account using the same name adds you on FB, ignore.
  • Text/call their official numbers posted either on their FB page or Multiply page.
  • Always check if you are really having the conversation with the official account. I did this so many times before sending my payment! :)
  • Read others' feedback on their wall!

After sending my payment, I then informed them so they can ship the item already. I felt relieved when they called  and asked which color I wanted. Then I was told to just wait for the tracking number. The next day, here's what arrived on our doorstep: (!)

S3 Mini
S3 Mini Specifications
Nice, ey? :)

The unit's cost is 12,600php + 371php for shipping. It was delivered by Mr. LBC and the item was in a bubble wrap. lols. I am happy that it only took a day for the item to arrive. 

With that, I highly recommend Kimstore for your gadget needs!

Thank you, Kimstore! :) Till our next transaction.

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8 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. Very nice gadget but there are a lot of local mobile brands Android phones offering great specs at affordable price.

    1. Yes I've heard that Cherry Mobile offers great android phones. I just really want this S3 Mini---kaya yun binili ko. hehe. :)

  2. nice new fone! i have my iphone 3gs too for so long now! and I guess i needed one too very soon! it keeps on dying on me. the service of that store sounds amazing! good for you!

  3. Nice buy! I'll be purchasing a Samsung note 2 sometime next week, I hove they have units. My phone (samsung note 2) was stolen when im at a bus.. It hurts, good thing I can buy a new one.. Thanks

  4. I haven't tried buying gadgets through online stores. But based on your experience, I'm willing to give them a try since you got your package in one piece and in good condition.

  5. Nice buy! Would love to get my hands on it, but I don't think I'll be getting a new phone.

  6. haven't tried buying online.. looks like this shop is really credible and congrats on your new s3 mini! :)

  7. Nice buy sis! I wanted an S3 mini before, but since I got a Galaxy Ace Duos na, I'm already satisfied :) Anyway, glad you shared those tips. They'll really be helpful especially for people new in online shopping.