May Wrap Up: What I Had Been Doing

This blog had been quite silent the previous month---thanks to my laziness. haha. I wasn't so busy, honestly, but I couldn't seem to find time to write something here. I did try, more than a few times, but the thoughts won't form into some comprehensible sentence moreover to a worthreading piece. A writer's block? Maybe. BUT, to make up for the lost opportunities to tell you what happened last month, I'll compile them in this single blog post. *wink*

So. The first week hadn't been so memorable and I can't think of anything I could share. lols. Second week, on the other hand, was such a tiring week because we celebrated our town fiesta. I made Crema de Fruta, which I believe deserves another entry on this blog. :p I'll share the recipe soon! The week after that,we exercised our right to vote. I waited for two longgggg hours before I was able to enter the precinct. To my dismay, most of those who I voted didn't win. >_<

In other news, I was assigned in the same areas I handled last April (work stuff) and what else can I say? The two hospitals had only few patients; therefore, few clients for me. I get bored sometimes and all I do after I finish talking to the clients is surf the internet! (ooops. Hello bosses!) Not my fault, or is it? If you have the luxury of time as of reading this sentence, you might as well read this: It's the Little Things, in order to learn something about the nature of my "work" and not judge right away. :) hehe.

I did learn something though; cliche as it may seem but, we really cannot help everybody. Why do I say? 

Around the middle of the month, I met these clients who were so hesitant to tell me the name of their Philhealth member. (Note: I work at Philhealth, okay.) I wanted to verify through our database if their membership was renewed and whether or not they can use it.  But even after explaining the reason why I was asking for the name, they still won't tell me. They entered their room and I was left thinking why they didn't want to let me help. I even followed them on their room, knocked a few times and guess what? They didn't even open the door! Grrrr. But then after a few minutes or so, the staff nurse asked me whether this particular client could use Philhealth. I just told her that the client won't tell me the name of the member hence, I didn't know. The nurse entered the room of the client and she asked the name, then told me afterwards. You know what the client did? She followed the nurse out their room and went to me then  told me to NOT VERIFY it yet because they were still "fixing" it. I said okay, if that's what they want. (I still checked it though. Bwahaha.) And the rest is history. Bottom line is, we really cannot help those who don't want to be helped.

The following days were spent doing the old-boring-routine of my life. Hashtag: ALAM NA. :p

Perhaps the highlight of that month was when we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend in one resort here in Nueva Ecija. It was a fun-filled day/night. (Overnight kase!) Here, I'll share two of our pics:

~Long time friends~

Despite schedule conflicts and other issues (?), we managed to make this plan come true. Some of our friends were not able to go with us, but still, I can say that we had a great time. Right guys? :)


I guess that would be all for that month. I'll try to update more often. *cheers* Meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter or instagram for updates and what-not. Smell yah around! :)

How about you? How was your May 2013? :)

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5 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. hehehe naka relate ako dun ah - normal lang yan :) ako nga madalas lazy mag update :) just relax, unwind , nd enjoy- all the ideas will come and turn into writings :)

  2. May 2013 is awesome for me! doing good this June too! i am always busy with my blog and always itch to write something as i am not busy much with housechores. hope i can have a great friends bonding too!

  3. Now, you've reminded me to have a get-together with my friends. It's been quite a while since I've last bonded with them na overnight. Anyway, hope June becomes a more productive and fun month for you :)

  4. You had me at smell ya around! HAHA I like your writing style, easy flow and not boring. You see, you should write more!!! :) PS. That guy in orange tank top is cute ha. hihi

  5. ang cute ng kwento mo! Baka may tinatago kaya ayaw sabihin name hahhaa