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I didn't know until I tried that listing the things you want to do before you die as long as you're alive could be so hard. It's like finding the best-shaped leaves in a hundred year old tree. There are so many lovely shapes to choose from; so many that you lose count of them all. You know that each leaf is special; no matter how much they are cratered by imperfections, they still have a beauty to show. In an attempt to see them all, you try to pick all the leaves until you realize that you cannot have everything at once. Because picking out all the leaves will take a lifetime and will leave you no chance to fully examine their beauty.

Okay. That.Was.Deep! #lol I actually made this bucket list few days ago. I did my best to be realistic. So basically, these are the leaves that stood out in my ocean of trees in random order.

1. Outing with family. 23. Airplane.
2. Read at least 100 books. 24. Own a car.
3. Breed dogs. 25. Wear a wig.
4. Learn to drive a car. 26. Go on a picnic.
5. Swim in an ocean.27. Singapore.
6. Help a kid/stranger.28. Reach the age of 50.
7. Make (and maintain) a book blog. 29. Scream out loud!
8. Climb a mountain. 30. New house.
9. Snorkel.31. Raise funds for charity.
10. Go fishing. 32. See a beating human heart.
11. Grow a tree and name it "Yuki."33. Family portrait.
12.Strawberry picking.34. Eat an exotic food.
13. Adopt a dog.35. Gain weight of atleast 5kgs more.
14. Earn from Google Adsense.
      on August 23, 2014.
36. Roller coaster.
15. Home-based job.37. Save a life.
16. Zipline.38. Convince someone to read "Heaven is for Real."
17. Write a book.39. Send a message in a bottle.
18. Color my hair.40. Life-size bear.
19. Grapes picking.41. Complete a 30-day-challenge.
20. Witness a meteor shower.42. Finish a 365-day-project.
21. Jog early in the morning.43. Explore a cave.
22. Visit a butterfly garden.44. Touch a dolphin.

I've already done some of the things in this list but I decided to count them out. I want to start from zero and the timer starts after this post goes live! Please do note though that this is an unfinished list. I will add some more if anything pops up!

Honestly, making this list made me realize that I've been missing a lot in my life. The simple things that I could actually do are left undone because I am too scared to try. From now on, I'll do my best to cross out the things I listed here one happy step at a time! I'll update you guys whenever I accomplish something. :) I'll be putting this list too on a stand alone page for easy access. *cheers!*

Do you have a bucket list too? I'd love to see them so comment the link of your post below!
PS. What do you guys think of my bucket list? :)

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