Elderly Care; the Do's and the Don'ts

If you are going to interview people whether they like to take care of babies, I bet 98% of them would say Yes. Babies are cuddly, cute and their basic needs just revolve around milk, sleep and play. But if you'll ask them whether they would take care of an elderly or not, majority might say No. Well, this is just my opinion, based on observation.

The circle of life dictates that all, absolutely all people to grow old. Some grow old healthy; still able to do basic tasks of living such as eating, bathing and even doing simple activities at home. There are also those who cannot, probably because they're suffering from old-age related diseases. Nevertheless, no matter what the condition of our elderly loved one is, whether they can walk on their own or need wheels/canes in order to move around, we should take the responsibility of taking care of them. Besides, they took care of us when we're still teeny tiny little kids.

What are the Do's in taking care of the elders?

It is not an easy task to take care of the older ones. We need a lot of patience and understanding because the elders are generally moody. Special care is needed if the one you're caring for has a disability or illness. Below are the Do's in caring for an elderly:
  • Do focus  on their basic needs such as food, hygiene and exercise.
  • Do listen when they're speaking. Some elders feel isolated when you don't involve them in conversations.
  • Do get them assistive devices (if needed) so they can walk around the house and yard. Here are some samples of great walkers in the market that is specially designed for their needs:

  • Do go out with them on family outings and recreational activities. It would make them feel good and a part of the family---not just someone that needs to be taken cared of.
  • Do remove things that pose hazards around the house. Elders are very prone to accidents such as falls.
  • Do give them something to do when at home to ease boredom. Knitting, watching movie or simply listening to the radio are simple things they can do.
  • Do introduce to them the wonders of technology. Being old doesn't mean that we have to  leave them behind and deprive them of the benefits of modern days. You may teach them how to use the computer to communicate with loved ones who are far away, or give them phones for seniors so they could at least call or text old friends. Yes, there are phones that were especially designed for seniors. :)
What are the Don'ts in taking care of the elders?

Basically, the don'ts are just the opposites of what I've listed above. In addition to those, here's the BIG Don't that you should always observe:
Don't make them feel like a burden to your family. Elders are sensitive. They may take it lightly or not. Remember that being old is inevitable. We will all grow old one day. Take care of them like how you would want to be taken cared of if you're in their shoes.
Some people resort to leaving their elderly loved ones to nursing homes when they cannot personally take care of them. They just visit them from time to time. It's not so bad, really, because they are safer and well cared for in a nursing home, than when left in the house alone. But, if you have the time and the means to give them what they need---love, time, care and shelter, there's no reason to send them away. :)

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13 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. I guess natural laws apply a lot for our elders. They should be taken care of like how we do to our little kids. They become vulnerable, specially physically, so they need the untiring cares of the younger ones.

  2. A very timely read. My mom is 74-year old has been bed-ridden since june and only my sister has the patience to deal with her whims. I'll share it to my other sisters so they can pick something out of your tips.

  3. i am a nurse by profession and i have to confess that taking good care of elderly is really hard but with these equipments that we have right now, i think it will somehow ease our burdens to take good care of them

  4. It makes me wanna every time I see an old woman or man in a nursing home. :(

  5. I'd choose to let them stay in our home and take care of them than letting stay in mursing home and we don't if they are really taken cared off well!

  6. Elderly folks are a little bit more sensitive and requires more attention and care.

  7. In my case, I have my own kids now and my parents are already seniors and I know how to manage them both. Being alone is a difficult task for me taking care of them but it is also a challenge, I consider it a challenge.

  8. My mom is nearing the 60th mark.. and though I don't consider her an elderly (she's very young at heart) I try to be more sensitive to her needs. Thanks for sharing this article!

  9. Now i know how to take good care of my grandparents or when my mom is too old. Thanks for sharing this Lily! :))

  10. So true!

    We always do family outings with our grand parents, it is so much fun!

  11. I will definitely not send away my parents when they get old. I already have plans for them. Thanks for this list of helpful things we need to do for our beloved parents. <3

  12. I guess people in Philippines have higher respect for our senior citizens now than before. This can be witnessed in most public areas.

  13. I appreciate the care and concern on senior citizens by young generation in your Country