Termites Attack!

If I have to name one pest that I do not want to ever see in my house, I would choose termites. Termites, small as they may seem, are strong enough to eat your whole house! They may look fragile but keep in mind that they existed since 50 million years ago. So yeah, we can say that termites are survivors. And quite scary in that note. :p

That's why you could just imagine how disappointed (and terrified) we were when we found a colony of termites in one corner of our humble home. My mom had been telling me that she heard the sound of termites "munching" behind my books cabinet and I wasn't that surprised that she was right. Look what I had found when I cleaned the cabinet:

One of my books eaten by termites!
Most of the books they feasted on were the old ones given by my cousin's wife. Sad to say, I had to burn those books because the termites already made some kind of colony in them. In addition, the books cannot be saved anymore.

I spent that whole day cleaning everything. I was even bitten by a termite! I didn't know that they bite people! :<

My mother told me that we need to "treat" the area where those termites lived so they would all die and won't be able to replicate again. Any recommendations on what products/termites killer to use? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

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8 lovely comments Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:

  1. Termites cannot be predicted but there is always a saying that Prevention is better that cure

  2. I also encountered termites in our old apartment. A lot of my books and paper were really damaged.

  3. We actually have a family friend who comes to our house on a quarterly basis to fumigate our entire home. Probably the worst experience of having termites at home was when my beau was bitten while asleep. He had his leg by our window, and was awoken to a bunch of termites on his knee. It was excruciating and disgusting to look it. We probably didn't sleep in our room for a couple of days until the whole room was properly treated.

  4. Contacting Termite control company is best. Though we have, a cure for termite infestation. Trying applying used gear oil sa mga wooden parts ng house nyo like sa doors, wood beams, ceiling and walls.

  5. waah nakakangilo sya tingnan! I really hate termites.. I hate the "holes" they leave..diring diri ako :(

  6. Waaaah, termites! They are the reason why the giant card given by my boyfriend on our first monthsary turned into dust! ;(( haha I suggest sis, hire a professional termite killer. :)

  7. Solignum solution controls termites, but let a professional fumigator handle it lalo na pag may bata sa house.

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