Hello, November!

Time flies so fast! It feels like October passed by in just a blink of an eye! Now that November is already here, I can almost feel the excitement for the upcoming holidays!

In our barangay, we celebrate an occasion called "Fiesta ng Puto" every last Saturday of November. People give thanks to the Lord for the good harvest by offering prayers through a procession that is held for ten nights. It is oftenly accompanied by a band, with members playing different instruments such as good etude trumpet, lyre, trombone, etcetera, which the Filipinos fondly call as "Mosiko." The music they play actually entices people to go out their house and watch the procession.

When I was younger, I tried playing one of the band's instruments. I just can't quite remember the name of that musical instrument. All I know is that, it seemed really huge for a little girl I was and it didn't even made a sound no matter how hard I tried to blow the air out of my lungs. :p 

I am looking forward to a more blessed and productive month! I could only hope that everything would go on well! How about you? Are you excited for the coming days too?

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