Confession: I Don't Like Loud Music

Maybe I am on the minority with regard to liking loud music, but seriously, I couldn't stand listening to such songs for a long time. I prefer those that soothe the mind and make me calm and at peace.

When we were younger, my brother used to play what he calls "music" using his toy drums. He would make loud noises that would really get into every fiber of your body. It could had been acceptable if he was using something like Yamaha Drums so the sound it'd create is pleasing to the ears. We often quarrel about it but as time went by, he finally outgrew his "passion" for the loud noises. Good thing he's just into guitar these days.

I could listen to loud music if I'm in a party or the likes---just not in our home. I guess it's one thing I've inherited from my mom; she neither likes it.

How about you? Do you like/love this genre of music? :)

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