Replacing a Missing or Damaged Asphalt Shingle

If you live in a windy area, you’ve likely lost a shingle or two during a storm, and if you haven’t, you probably will in the future. Whether you have lost a shingle or had one damaged, replacing a shingle is a job you may be able to do for yourself. If you are at all uncomfortable about getting up on top of your roof to do the work, or you just want the peace of mind of knowing it was done right, you should contact a professional roofer in Kalamazoo, MI, like those found at to come out and get the job done. If you are ready to try it for yourself, the process isn’t complicated and the supplies you need are relatively minimal.

How to Replace an Asphalt Shingle

Before you climb up on the roof, be sure you have the following supplies:

A replacement shingle in the style and color matching what is already on the roof
A flat prybar
A roofing hammer and nails
Some roofing cement

Once you have these tools and supplies, follow safety precautions when using the ladder and accessing your roof. Once you have climbed up onto the roof and have located the damaged or missing shingle, follow these steps to remove and replace the shingle:

1. Since each shingle is nailed to the roof with two rows of nails, one row about an inch above the slits between the tabs, and one through the shingle directly above the damaged shingle, you will need to use the prybar to release both rows of nails.

2. Slide the prybar under the shingles above the one to be replaced and remove the bottom row of nails. The shingles may be stuck down and might need some vigorous action to unstick them. Pop up the tabs to reveal the nails. Next, pop up the tabs on the shingles two rows above the damaged shingle to reveal the upper row of nails and remove these nails with the prybar. The number of nails to be removed will depend on the style of shingle and the building code (determined by the pitch of the roof).

3. Once the nails have been removed, you should be able to slide the damaged shingle free. Of course, if the shingle has already been torn free, you may only be removing the pieces that are still attached.

4. The last step is to insert the new shingle and nail it along the two rows (as described above) to blend it in with the surrounding shingles. Adding a little roofing cement under the bottom of the tabs can also help keep it in place.

Replacing a single shingle isn’t difficult, and while professionals like the people at could easily do the work for you, fixing it yourself can be a rewarding and money-saving venture.

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  1. this is really helpful.. especially to those practicing in the design industry! :)

  2. It's better to call the professional since climbing the roof is dangerous.

    1. I agree. If you don't have the expertise or you don't feel sure no matter how simple the instructions are, better call a professional to do it for you.

  3. My hubby did it, when one of our shingle got deformed. He forgot some stuff so he asked me to hand them. It is ok to forget something as long as you have somebody done there to help you out.