Transparent Glass Coatings for Your Home

Have you ever looked up at the numerous skyscrapers above you and thought to yourself why or how you cannot see through the windows? In fact, many buildings have beautiful sunlight reflections that bounce off of the transparent glass coatings, making the windows part of the building design and the artistic, architectural innovation.

Some Benefits of Tinted Windows

One of the biggest reasons for companies choosing to install tinted windows is to protect their employees from harmful sun rays. The tint also blocks damaging sun rays that can deteriorate interior surfaces and office furniture over prolonged exposure. Additionally, the darkened windows can provide excellent privacy from curious onlookers. 

It can be frustrating as an employee to sit in a corner office, only to have the sun constantly shining in your eyes, or bouncing off of the computer screen making it difficult to work effectively without shutting the blinds. Having a tinted window not only keeps harmful UV rays out of the work space, but it also tones down the glare. Not having the sun blaring into the space can allow an office to be free from obstructing blinds, allowing the full and wonderful panoramic views from up high.

Install Them at Home Too!

It is important to be comfortable whether you are at work or at home. Energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference in controlling an interior environment from being either too hot or too cold. Also, it is uncomfortable to relax in a room with large windows during the evening hours. This is because one often feels exposed and vulnerable to the outside world. 

Though it is most common among industries, organizations, and large companies like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Westfield Shopping Malls, or the University of California to invest in protective window films, regular consumers can order them for their own homes as well. In fact, at home is an excellent place to install transparent glass coatings for the same reason that companies have. They deflect harmful sun rays, enhance energy efficiency, allow for privacy, and keep curious onlookers—even would-be robbers—away. 

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  1. Im always thinking of having a house that has big windows, unfortunately I cannot build it now, I still need to prepare a huge money for that. For now Im still living with my immediate family, Id better suggest these ideas to them :)