Home Improvements: Change for the Better

It's been quite some time since we planned of renovating our house. I am happy that little by little, we manage to make things work and improve the place we call home. First was our terrace, then the kitchen, then one of our rooms and now, we're working on beautifying our small living room. Maybe it would take two or three more days for it to be finished and I'm excited to see the outcome! :p

We're also planning to buy new furniture for the living room. I suggested to my mother to replace the cabinet in our kitchen too---one that could hold a lot more utensils and other things. Maybe we can look for kitchen cabinets online or we can just have our local carpenter do it; whichever works better.

The year is new and I can feel that the coming days would be great for me and my family. There are good vibes around the house and things are just right in their places. How about you, how's your year so far? :)

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